15 Shark Tank Pitches That Never Made It To Air


1. A Grownup’s Hope

Adoption center for wayward adults

2. Seniorz

JNCO-style jeans targeted to the 65 and older demographic

3. The Chill Pill

Bar that serves prescription pills instead of drinks

4. iShame

Fitness wristband that audibly body shames users until they reach their workout goals

5. Mr. Cutty

Switchblade for kids

6. Odór

Perfume line with fragrances originating from public transportation hubs around the country

7. Wokester

Dating app where suitors are matched based on the ratio of how little they know about politics to how much they talk about politics on social media

8. PC Tunes

Program that digitally removes the N-word from songs in the user’s music library

9. E-Woofs

Electronic cigarettes for pets

10. EZsleep

At-home hibernation pods in which users can place themselves in a medically induced coma for an extended period of time

11. Make America Hug Again

Human-sized stuffed animals resembling Trump’s cabinet members

12. Harvey

Social media platform where users share content exclusively regarding celebrity personality Steve Harvey

13. Dollar Slave Club

Subscription service in which customers pay 1 dollar per month to receive a personal slave from a third world country of their choosing

14. SafeMobile

Inflatable shells that cover the outside of cars allowing users to drink and drive without fear of extensive automobile damage

15. ACME Corp.

Blatant shell corporation formed entirely to cultivate a successful pump and dump financial scheme