15 Loving People Reveal The Habits They Inadvertently Picked Up From Their Significant Other


1. This might sound gross, but my boyfriend puts ranch on his pizza. I do it now, too. It’s actually pretty good!

– Dana, 24

2. I’ve alienated myself from my friends because she is an introvert.

– Keith, 27

3. My girlfriend goes to the gym almost every day. To make sure I keep up with her workout regimen, I forced myself to be on the same workout schedule as her. Now, I have to go workout every day!

– Eliot, 31

4. I never really drank whiskey until I met my current boyfriend. It’s all I drink now.

– Hannah, 25

5. My girlfriend buys lemons and puts them in her water. I thought it was a novel thing to do, so I tried it once and I’ve been doing it ever since.

– Rajesh, 28

6. I now walk around the house brushing my teeth after I saw that my girlfriend do that very thing a year or two back. You can actually multitask while brushing your teeth!

– Michael, 21

7. I say “like” a lot more now. It’s, like, tough to stop.

– Nicholas, 26

8. I’ve been with my girlfriend for over three years now and for those three years we haven’t ever made an appointment or scheduled party on time. Ever. Now I’m always late to appointments, but I don’t mean to. I swear…

– David, 29

9. My wife naps throughout the day and stays up until the wee hours of the night. She’s a freelance writer, so she’s made up some weird schedule. It drove me nuts until I started working remotely, stayed home and started napping with her. Best thing to ever happen to me. Now I can’t function without taking a nap at least once in the middle of the afternoon.

– Eric, 33

10. I make baby noises when I see dogs now. Thanks a lot, Sasha.

– Dylan, 28

11. My husband is a lazy sack of shit and now I am too. And we love it.

– Erin, 34

12. I catch myself setting my TV volume on an odd number. My girlfriend does this all the time and I do it now too. It’s weird.

– Christopher, 27

13. My boyfriend is what you’d call an environmentalist. I am now very conscious of waste and littering and I really try hard to reuse what I can and not litter!

– Kathryn, 25

14. I’ve adopted my girlfriend’s hometown accent. What the fuck is wrong with me?

– Joseph, 26

15. My boyfriend says “What?!” in a funny voice when he’s joking around and now, I do it without thinking about it. I did it in front of my friends and they were like, “Uh, are you okay?” Man, that was embarrassing.

– Tanya, 28