15 Little Things To Hold On To When You’re Questioning Everything


1. If you find that one person is your entire world you should really get a bigger one.

2. Your legs carry you everywhere so you should spend less time hating them and wishing for gaps in between them.

3. Don’t let your life lessons come at the cost of devaluing others.

4. If you put a question mark at the end of your sentence you immediately become less accountable for whatever you said?

5. Beautiful flowers like empathy spring from dark times. Suffering is never pointless.

6. One day you will have to be vulnerable so maybe learn to not always answer serious questions with jokes.

7. Sad music will always make you feel briefly validated and then much worse.

8. Taking laxatives for weight loss is always and every time a bad idea.

9. You have to love yourself to love others to the best of your abilities.

10. Bitterness always hurts you more than the other person.

11. First date nerves are the most affective diet I have ever been on.

12. If you only use your ears words will never truly make sense to you.

13. A true fire doesn’t need any advertisement.

14. Houses look happier in the snow.

15. If a boy makes you feel stupid, leave him. The warm fuzzy feelings are never worth the self-doubt.