15 Confessions Of A True Starbucks Addict


I wouldn’t say Starbucks has taken over my life because I can fully function a day without going, however, I always think about it. It’s like a little portion in my head is telling me to go, go, go. Although I try to resist, I still find myself with a Venti Non-Fat Green Tea Latte, sweetened with three pumps of classic syrup of course, in hand. Getting Starbucks every day comes with a price, and I don’t just mean the cost of their drinks …

  1. A decent amount of my weekly budget goes directly to Starbucks; that’s about five dollars a day (or more if I decide to switch my order).
  2. I find empty cups on the floor of my car because when I get a new drink, I have to make room in my cup holder.
  3. Lunch break trips to Starbucks consist of multiple drink orders from co-workers who share the same love for their drinks.
  4. Multiple drink orders then turns into piles of “cup-carriers” scattered about; luckily my dad collects them for a friend who is the owner of a small business – side note to always reuse and recycle!
  5. The Baristas now know my name … and my order.
  6. Dunkin Donuts is good, but doesn’t compare to that of any Starbucks drink.
  7. I rarely utilize the seating areas of Starbucks; it’s easier to grab my drink and go because then I’m tempted to buy another drink.
  8. I have learned to deal with lines, because mostly every time I go into any Starbucks, I have to wait.
  9. Starbucks has a great customer service helpdesk because yes, I have been that person to complain when my service is not good; not because I’m snooty and need to complain, but when there are five people behind the counter and only one making drinks for a long line, I see that as a problem.
  10. Did I mention the Baristas know my name!? They have a lot of customers through out their day, and it’s a sad day in my life when I walk in and they know me and exactly what I’m about to order.
  11. Although bad for you, their food is delicious, and some of their snacks pair well with their drinks … so you just HAVE to get one.
  12. I don’t weigh 500 lbs for all the Starbucks I drink, either. What I drink in Starbucks I work out through fitness or teaching dance.
  13. Starbucks has honored me, due to my high volume of sales, with a personalized gold card.
  14. I specifically plan some of my mornings around leaving in enough time to get to the closet one to work, which is right down the road, so I can get my morning fix.
  15. I’m thinking about Starbucks right now, and thinking why I didn’t stop this morning so I’m stuck drinking coffee from work out of a Styrofoam cup; no comparison.

The sad truth is, I will never stop going to Starbucks; I will continue to go and basically give my paycheck to them. Actually, I think I’m going to go right now….

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