14 Ways To De-Stress During Finals


It’s that time of the year again. Final Exams. Although it’s hard to focus on anything but the ticking clock and your never-ending to-do list, believe it or not, you can survive. I was in your position before and hundreds of thousands of millions of students were or still are in your position. You’re probably drowning in a sea of books and papers and don’t have time to read this introduction. So, let me cut to the chase!

1. Go to a pet store.

Puppies, kitties, fishies. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy inside. Happy and stress-free. You can also visit a friend who has a cat or volunteer to walk some dogs. This way you can have closer contact with the animals for a longer period of time.

2. Eat Pizza.

The grease and the cheesiness will comfort you and make you generally a better person. Besides, you deserve it. You earned it. The way you worked for it. You e-e-e-e-earned it. Enjoy it, slice by slice.

3. Watch Netflix.

I realize I shouldn’t have said that because most of us are self-sabotaging binge-watchers who once they pop, won’t ever stop. But then again, learning to practice self-control is as important as succeeding at school. And there’s nothing as satisfying as watching a funny episode of your favourite show. It helps get your mind off the stress for 20-minutes or an hour. And you need that in order to survive. (Warning: This rule will work against you if you allow yourself to watch for more than an hour!)

4. Take a long drive.

Gas is expensive, but so is your health. Make a CD (do people still do that?) and listen to the songs you love while singing on top of your lungs, with zero shame. Songs that require a little bit of screaming work best. Or even empowering songs like “All I do Is Win” that can make you feel like a badass. And then realize that badasses don’t stress. And be relaxed instead.

5. Take a bubble bath.

Whether you’re a guy or girl, you can’t deny that bubble baths are amazing. They keep you sane and swallow all your worries into the soothing sensation of soap and salts mixed with hot water wrapping your body with warmth and comfort. Bubble baths are a blessing.

6. De-clutter.

I know you tend to pile up all your books, papers, pens, and computers in one big mess to really get in your fantasy world of study-mode and shield yourself from the outside world. We all do that. But studying in a mess is in fact counter-productive. It makes you feel distracted and a little miserable. Let’s face it, if your desk isn’t clear, how can your mind be?

7. Call your mother.

Or someone who doesn’t mind listening to your endless complaining and your very unnecessary anecdotes of the day. These people have the ability to absorb your bundle of negativity and then release it all out as soon as they shut the phone. They know you’re overreacting most of time and they don’t judge you. Rather, they’re patient enough to give you the repetitive advice that you should be following by now.

8. Deliberately anger yourself.

If you can do something that can make you angrier than the stress itself, it will automatically cancel out the stress. It works! Play a video game that makes you absolutely furious. You will scream and swear. But you won’t be as stressed anymore.

.9 Go to a place made of trampolines.

Places like that exist. And they work wonders on changing the way you feel from anxious to ecstatic. Also, jumping in a bouncy castle has the same effect. The adrenaline rush after would give you the energy you need to continue studying happily and more efficiently.

10. Do Yoga.

Now is the right time to invest in a yoga membership in your neighborhood’s cozy studio. The hotter, the better for your brain, your stability, and your general feeling of contentment. Sweat all your worries off onto the mat.

11. Daydream.

Sit there and imagine your life after you’re done. Imagine taking a shower and getting ready for your night out in celebration of your freedom. That should give you motivation to finish what’s on your plate.

12. Make a decision.

You either sink or swim. Always decide to swim. Always. And if you don’t have enough motivation to do so, listen to Dory in “Finding Nemo” singing Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming all night long. You got this and you shall not sink.

13. Do nothing.

If all else fails, don’t de-stress at all. Keep it all inside where it can fester into a mental disease. Just make sure you don’t kill anybody and you’ll be fine.

14. Don’t listen to me.

The whole point of this is to give you ideas on how to de-stress or mostly just to give you the illusion that you’re de-stressing just by reading. Do what you are capable of doing and move at your own pace.

Always keep in mind that the feeling of relief that takes over after writing your last exam makes it all worth your time and effort at the end. Breathe every now and then. Take a break. Eat a Kit-Kat. Or two.

thumbnail image – Liz