14 Signs Your Pet Is The Ultimate Bae


1. You’re willing to sleep in unthinkable positions if it means your little baby is comfortable. On your head, in the middle of the bed, flat on top of every bit of blanket…the facts are irrelevant.

2. You genuinely enjoy planning activities (i.e. watching movies, going to the beach, etc.) with your pet.

3. You feel like the proudest parent when someone comments on how cute or well behaved your pet is. Damn right, he is.

4. You are fully aware that in many ways you embody every obsessed pet owner stereotype..and you’re honestly not mad about it.

5. Even if you haven’t actually socialized in a few hours, loneliness isn’t really a problem for you when you’ve got your pet around.

6. No matter how broke you are (and sometimes, that’s like reallyyyy broke) you are more than willing to spend what you need to ensure they are happy and healthy.

7. If there is one thing people know about you based on your social media account, it’s that you are a devoted pet owner. Period.

8. Dating isn’t an option for you if it’s with anyone who doesn’t share in your love for furry friends. It just wouldn’t work.

9. Sometimes (oftentimes, actually) you ponder what your pet is thinking/feeling in a given moment. “Are you happy?” “Do you really like the new toy I got you?”

10. You feel kind of sad for people that don’t get to experience the connection between pet and owner. But you also understand it’s a responsibility, and not everyone can manage it.

11. You don’t understand people that make comments like, “I’m just not an animal person.” Like, what?

12. You acknowledge that no matter how shitty the situation, cuddling your pet makes things infinitely better.

13. Sometimes you find yourself playing bad cop amongst a bunch of people who love your little guy, but only because you have his best intentions at heart. (So, no, you cannot give my dog the rest of your crunchwrap supreme.)

14. You genuinely feel like having your pet has made you a better person, and ultimately, you can’t imagine life without them.

Sam Maracic is the author of We Are Like Wells, available here.