14 Reasons Why I Still Choose To Be A Virgin in This Darn Age


I haven’t had sex.

When I tell people that, they think I’m certifiably insane. A millennial who hasn’t lost her virginity? How absurd.

But it’s really not. I just see life a different way than others, and I really wish that everyone understood that.

So in my attempt to help people understand what the virgin thinks, here’s a list of everything I think you all should know.


I haven’t had sex because I haven’t wanted to have sex.


It means a lot to me when people respect my virginity. It’s not the punchline of a joke or something to laugh about over lunch. It’s who I am.


I haven’t been ready for it yet. I might not be ready until I get married, I might not be ready until I feel I found my soul mate. I’m just definitely not ready now.


I’m happy as a virgin. I’d probably be happy if I was having sex, too, but this is how I’m choosing to live my life. Being a virgin is how I’ve found happiness.


I prefer getting to know someone over any of the physical stuff a relationship can offer.


Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I’m a goody two-shoes. I seriously can’t stress this stereotype enough.


It does not mean I only date or hang out with virgins.


But it does mean I only date or hang out with people that won’t pressure my beliefs.


Being a virgin doesn’t mean I’m not sexually attracted to people and I don’t get aroused. It just means I don’t act on it.


I honestly believe in sex as a way to connect with somebody, and not as a defining part of a relationship.


One day, I will have sex. And I know it will be a great day. But I’m holding out until the right time.


I love myself enough to know that I don’t need to give myself to someone to be loved.


Yes, I wear bikinis. Just because I don’t have sex doesn’t mean I don’t love my body.


I don’t hate or look down on people who have had sex. I actually respect their decision. I just choose to live a different lifestyle.

So that’s it. In all of its glory, this is everything the virgin wants you to know.

I hope you have a bit of a better understanding of our ‘crazy’ life choice in this hook-up culture.