13 Single Women Share Why They Don’t Feel The Need To Settle


1. “Most of my friends who are in relationships are always bitching about being in a relationship, so until I find someone worth those complaints and constant bitching, I’ll remain single.” —Gianna, 24

2. “I can accept a flaw, but I can’t accept someone’s lack of effort. It’s different when you say to yourself, ‘well yes, I could definitely find someone more attractive,’ than when you say to yourself, ‘wow, I wish my boyfriend liked me more.’ I’m not going to be with someone who half asses a relationship. That’s not a relationship I want to have.” —Morgan, 23

3. “I don’t feel the need to settle because I know what I want is out there, and if I settle on something else I’ll always wonder, ‘What if I kept looking?'” —Remy, 25

4. “If I feel at all unsure about someone, I’m not going to be with them. It’s pretty clear cut. I’d rather be alone than be with someone I’m only half certain about.” —Clara, 24

5. “A real partner is someone who loves every part of you, even your flaws, and I haven’t found that.” —Kristin, 26

6. “Settling would be like stepping into a puddle of love. It kind of happens by accident and you’re not all thrilled about it, but it happens and you just go with it. I don’t want to settle into love, and I don’t want to step into a puddle of it, I want love to consume me until I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know what the hell hit me.” —Jessica, 25

7. “I haven’t even found a guy worth settling for, let alone a guy I want to be with. Maybe it’s my undying pessimism, or maybe it’s just me.” —Lindsay, 24

8. “I’ve settled before, and it didn’t workout in my favor anyway. That mindset will destroy you from the very beginning. You can’t feel like you’re settling on someone, you have to feel that you’re lucky to be with this person, and they should feel the same way about you.” —Kiera, 25

9. “Settling won’t solve anything. If I’m unhappy single, I will sure as hell be unhappy in a relationship with someone I don’t really want. Settling won’t give me happiness, finding someone I truly want to be with will.” —Steph, 23

10. “I think settling for me is taking on a new meaning. Before I saw it as simply going for the guy who isn’t physically attractive, but as I’m getting older, and staying single, I’m starting to see that while physical attraction is very important, often times the more you get to know a guy the more physically attracted to him you become. I don’t think I’m settling, I think I’m just maturing.” —Stacey, 27

11. “I feel like girls saying they don’t feel the need to settle is just their egotistical way of saying they haven’t found someone they like who likes them equally in return. It’s like you have too much pride to simply admit you’ve either been screwed over, or haven’t found a nice guy. I don’t have too much pride to admit that. Yes, I’ve been continuously screwed over because I choose the wrong men, and no I’m not still single because I refuse to settle, I’m still single because I make questionable decisions when it comes to dating.” —Amy, 25

12. “I’m happy with my life as it is, and until I find someone that makes me that much happier, then alone I will stay. Someone is only worth as much happiness as they bring into your life, and if he doesn’t make you happy he isn’t worth it.” —Jenna, 25

13. “I’m the only person who can determine whether or not I’m ‘settling.’ And if I feel like I can do better, I know he’s not right for me. I shouldn’t feel like there’s someone better out there, I should feel so happy to be with him that I don’t even think about who else is out there.” —Brittany, 24