13 Reasons To Give Veganism A Chance


1. The conditions in ALL factory farms are atrocious to say the least.

2. Meat is basically dead, rotting flesh that you have to keep frozen or refrigerated in order for it to be safe to eat.

3. Most calcium in cow’s milk does not get absorbed and used by the body, in fact, some studies suggest that drinking cow’s milk is detrimental to bone health.

4. Dark chocolate almond milk is basically the elixir of the gods.

5. All animal protein is acidic. Cancers and other serious illnesses thrive in an acidic environment.

6. Animals are aware, living beings. Like us, they are capable of emotions and as such deserve only our care and respect.

7. Male baby chicks are ground up alive or suffocated in plastic bags by the egg industry. They have no use for them since they cannot lay eggs. This is normal practice.

8. Cows are kept pregnant for most of their lives so they can produce more milk. When born, their calves are taken away within a couple of days.

9. The veal industry is sickening.

10. With the resources that we use to feed animals for their flesh, world hunger could be eradicated may times over.

11. The amount of shit and waste spewing form factory farms is absolutely overwhelming.

12. Gestational crates.

13. Lastly and most importantly: