13 Guys Who Got Valentine’s Day Wrong And 13 Who Didn’t


I sent an email out to friends and family, asking them for the worst Valentine’s Day gifts they’ve ever received. I figured there’d be some great laughs among the replies, but while reading through the responses I became increasingly depressed instead. I emailed the ladies back and asked them to send the best Valentine’s Day gifts they’ve been given as well. Those emails allowed me to put the bottle of Jameson down and turn off Coldplay’s “Fix You” (Okay, maybe not off, but down because, come on, the feels). So, here are the 13 guys that got it terribly wrong and the 14 who didn’t on Valentine’s Day.

1. Alessondra C. 28

Worst Valentine – Divorce finalized on February 14th.

Best Valentine – Brought a bouquet of sunflowers to my job, in a suit. He gave me the flowers, told me he loved me and kissed me in front of the other girls.

2. Brit R. 31

Worst Valentine – Store bought Valentine card, the kind you give out in 4th grade and he didn’t even bother to write anything on it.

Best Valentine – Came home from work to a new dress hanging in the doorway. There was a note in a beautiful card next to it with his location. He sent a car to pick me up and meet him for a beautiful night.

3. Nicole L. 21

Worst Valentine – Anonymous flowers. I spent all day excitedly wondering who sent them only to find out they were from my aunt. She sent candy and flowers to all of her nieces and nephews.

Best Valentine – My date stood me up so my roommate locked me in my bedroom and when I was finally allowed I saw that he decorated our living room with Christmas lights and candles. He had jazz music playing, made a nice dinner and ran out to get me flowers.

4. Julia P. 26

Worst Valentine – A Betta fish, I didn’t even know people bought those things. I always assumed that when you buy a house, somewhere in the contract it says, “A Betta fish will be placed on your breakfast bar prior to move-in.” It lived longer than my relationship lasted though.

Best Valentine – I’m a vegan, my current boyfriend is the complete opposite. He went above and beyond last year by cooking an incredible 3 course vegan dinner for the both of us.

5. Lynette H. 26

Worst Valentine – A coffee mug from the Airport he worked at. I would’ve been ok with it if it said something clever, but nope, it was a plain, maroon coffee mug.

Best Valentine – He really tried to make me something off of Pinterest, but it ended up just being a mason jar filled with sand and a few smooth rocks. There was toilet paper bow (?) sloppily glued on the outside of the jar. It was hideous, but the thought along with the image of how cute he had to look trying to make it made my ugly mason jar the best gift ever.

6. Danielle E. 20

Worst Valentine – He bought himself the Entourage DVD set and didn’t have money to get me anything. In his mind trying to make it a “couple’s gift” that we could binge watch together. There’s a character, Ari Gold, that I really connected with that night.

Best Valentine – The discounted chocolate I buy myself on February 15th.

7. Jenny D. 27

Worst Valentine – An engraved frame that said, “To my one and only – love, Brian.” The date on the back of the frame was from four months before we met.

Best Valentine – I was dumped on the 12th so my Dad ended up getting me a box of chocolates with a picture of me hugging him when I was little on it.

8. Alyssa C. 30

Worst Valentine – He had a star named after me, but I live in Downtown Los Angeles, one of the most light-polluted areas in America. I’ve still, to this day, never seen that star.

Best Valentine – A handmade book of 31 things he loves about me. I read one page to start every day.

9. Eden M. 24

Worst Valentine – Padded coat hangers. I don’t know, dude, I don’t even know.

Best Valentine – A beautiful, faux fur, coat that I now hand on one of those padded coat hangers.

10. Morgan C. 41

Worst Valentine – A trash can for my office. I would’ve been all for a cool, robotic one. Instead, I received a basic, white dollar store trash can.

Best Valentine – My first daughter, I’ve had four boys, so to finally get my little girl made Valentine’s day even better.

11. Gia A. 28

Worst Valentine – A Christmas tin, the ones with butter, cheese and caramel popcorn. He’d already opened the tin as well.

Best Valentine – He kept a jar, he would write a little note, after every time we saw each other, about the way I made him feel. He gave me the jar finally after three years. As I was reading the notes he dropped down and purposed. I was supposed to read them all, but he was too anxious to wait that long.

12. Kaitlin H. 23

Worst Valentine – One of those resistance sticks you push together to make your boobs bigger.

Best Valentine – A new boyfriend.

13. Erika J. 22

Worst Valentine – I received nothing. He never gave me an excuse or anything , just carried on with his day.

Best Valentine – He’s an animator and made a 10 minute short featuring cartoon versions of us. After we watched it he said, “I love you.” for the first time.