12 Ways To Survive The Holiday Season If You’re ‘Uncuffed’


The holidays can be one of the happiest parts of the year for most- but sometimes we can get stuck in the mindset that we need a significant other to make ourselves the happiest during this time.

If you’re currently single, you can definitely relate to the holidays making you feel the pressure of your relationship status. Is it the cold weather? The constant family members asking about your love life? The couples walking around arm in arm? All of the above could factor into this manipulating holiday phenomenon. But I’m here to put an end to the single-shaming stigma that surrounds the holidays.

Spend your time doing these 12 things for yourself instead of worrying about being single this holiday season:

1. Watch your favorite holiday movies: Check the TV guide to see when your favorites are going to be on. This is a great way to get into the holidays spirits and snuggle up with hot cocoa and snacks.

2. Create a comforting space for yourself: Hang up string lights and decorations, buy a new fuzzy blanket and light your favorite candle scent to instantly brighten the mood in a space you love in your home or apartment.

3. Focus on something you love: Set a goal to make yourself better at the thing your passionate about. Master a new meal, run that extra mile in your workout, or read that new book trilogy. You’ll be proud of yourself and bettering yourself all at once.

4. Find the perfect gifts for your family and friends: Check out all of the sales going on in the malls and online over the next few weeks. You can get your loved ones something they’ll love without breaking the bank.

5. Spend time with old friends: Friends have a way of helping you feel grounded and reminding you of who you are. Go ice skating outdoors or have a wine night in to catch up.

6. Start a new Netflix show with a family or friend: You’ll have something fun and new to chat about each time you see this person.

7. Learn a new language: There are plenty of free apps out there to download to teach you new languages. Take advantage of this while you have some free time away from work and school for the holidays.

8. Change your wardrobe: Go through your bulky winter sweaters and warn out boots and buy some new clothes! You’ll feel good about your new look and look great doing it.

9. Paint and be artsy: Paint new pictures to decorate your room, paint the walls of your bedroom a new color, or paint plates and wine glasses for fun, new kitchenware. Plus, painting is relaxing!

10. Make a photo collage: Print out all the pictures from the fun things you have done this year and put them together to make a collage. You’ll have fun reminiscing on all of your memories.

11. Host a party: The holidays are a perfect opportunity to host a themed party with friends! Have a pajama themed party or ugly sweater themed party to kick off the season.

12. Celebrate you: YOU don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars exchanging gifts with a boyfriend or girlfriend. YOU don’t have to worry about reporting back to anyone if you drink too much eggnog. So raise a glass and toast yourself!

Enjoy yourself and the holidays, and trust me, you won’t need a significant other to survive this season.