12 Things You Can Do Every Single Day To Live A Positive Life


1. Start your day with a grateful heart. It doesn’t always necessarily mean shouting out “THANK YOU, LORD,” especially if you’re not a vocal type of person. What matters is that you are simply thankful for another day. Think of it as another day to begin your life’s journey. Always remember that every day, someone out there who is close to your heart doesn’t get the chance to feel that, because they have to be somewhere else with our Almighty creator. Smiling or uttering a short prayer is more than enough to say thank you for another day.

2. Be productive. Always bear in mind that the more things you busy yourself with means there’s less of a chance of thinking and eventually doing negative things. Especially if you are in the phase of your life where things are really not easy, make an effort to be busy, whether in your schoolwork, career, or even your hobbies. As long as your mind and body is busy, it will keep you away from all the negative thoughts that may ruin your life.

3. Make time for people who matter. You cannot always say you’re busy. You’ve got to make time for people who really matter to you. People who love you are the people who really matter. They are the ones who really care for you, not those kids around you saying that you have to hang out with them and do drugs together or your co-workers urging you to cheat on your spouse. When you make time and let yourself be available, let it be with the people worthy of it.

4. Give yourself some time for meditation. Yes, you are too busy keeping yourself productive. That’s right. However, you have to give yourself some time to meditate and think things through. The kind of thinking that will help you deal with the wrong things you’ve done and the wrong things the world has done to you. The kind of thinking that will lead you to good decisions and actions. Taking some time off to meditate is actually beneficial for us because it refreshes our bodies and minds. This can be done anywhere as long as it’s peaceful and you are in solitude.

5. Choose to do things that make you feel alive. Someone could live for a hundred years but only really feel alive for half of it. Living is not just surviving, keep that in mind. Do things that make you happy. Do things that make you scared at least once a year. Do things that make you cry hard and laugh out loud from time to time. Be alive — that’s solely your responsibility to yourself, and you cannot blame others if you don’t feel that way.

6. Have faith in yourself. One person can’t do everything, but one can do something. You have to always remember that. You are one person and you can do something. You may not know how to dance, but you can probably sing. Or you may not know how to dance and sing, but you can draw, you can paint, you can climb a mountain. Whatever that is, I know you can. Have faith in yourself; believe that you can do something. Don’t waste opportunities just for the sake of people doubting you. Don’t let chances be in vain just because you’re not confident. Just have faith — our Father created us with multiple abilities and talents. We just have to put a little faith in ourselves.

7. Add a little amount of courage and enthusiasm. Having faith to oneself isn’t enough — you’ll have to be courageous and enthusiastic as well. Be like a kid who is not afraid of diving into deep waters. Be like a kid who is very excited to go all out inside a cave. Whatever adventure it is, be brave and be eager to do it. That’s the key that will give you sufficient strength to surpass any trouble that is coming your way.

8. Say sorry and forgive sincerely. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot be forgiven if you don’t know how to forgive. People won’t ever say sorry to you if you don’t say it as well. What’s the big deal with this? We are humans. We are imperfect. We commit mistakes from time to time, and that’s acceptable. Don’t ever punish yourself and ruin your life by not learning how to forgive others and saying sorry when you wronged them. Just simply accept things and be responsible for it. Say sorry and mean it. Forgive others and mean it. Then your life will eventually be in peace.

9. Take unlimited chances. When it comes to an opportunity, learn to take it as long as you have it. People don’t always get the chance they need when they want to do something in life. So if you’re given even the slightest chance to do something that you really want, take it. Don’t worry about whether it’s your third, fourth, fifth or nth chance to do something, just take it and do something worthy about it. The count doesn’t matter at all.

10. Innovate your routine. Routine is a regular thing, but who says you cannot innovate it? If you’re tired of your life because you repeat the same actions every day, then you have to do something about it. You are the only one responsible for changing and innovating your life’s routine. Perhaps you can try adding some spice to your day by hanging out with friends after work or going to the cinema. Whatever it is, you have to do something just so you won’t get tired of life. Don’t let your routine ruin your passion for life.

11. Savor the artistry around you. Don’t just like music or paintings. Liking isn’t enough. You have to savor them, feel them. Seeing art will make you feel calm and tranquil. Listening to music or poetry will make you feel relaxed and content. Reading literature will make you more mature and wise. Watching theatrical plays or dance presentations will absolutely make you feel alive and free. Don’t hide yourself just in the four corners of your room. Be out and enjoy, and savor the artistry around. You might not know it, but by enjoying the artistry around you, you can develop the artist in you.

12. Have meaningful conversations with your Creator. You only live once, so live it to the fullest by creating conversations with the one who gave you life. Just once a day is enough for Him. Tell Him things you’ve done, people you’ve seen, places you’ve been, and emotions you’ve felt. Tell Him everything and you’ll see that every day will feel lighter and brighter. Open everything up to Him and you’ll get to live each day to the fullest.