12 Things To Do While Stuck In Quarantine


After only a few days in quarantine, I am already losing my mind. Luckily, I am afforded the opportunity to still be able to do my job from home. It’s amazing how much I miss a normal routine that sometimes felt too stressful. Missing things like talking to others face to face, eating out, shopping, sitting in traffic singing my heart out, and waiting in long lines chatting with random people. Before we all completely lose our mind’s, here are some ideas to stay occupied while in quarantine:

Read. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, the newspaper, or an online article (I hear Thought Catalog has plenty to read), all will keep you entertained.

Catch up on all your favorite series. There are billions of things to watch between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime alone. Just no chilling. We need to practice social distancing.

Workout videos. Just because you can’t go to the gym or your favorite workout class, doesn’t mean you can’t work out. There are so many free options out there right now. Many gyms are sending out links to videos in lieu of coming to the gym. There is no excuse to not be active while trapped inside.

Craft. Doesn’t everyone pin a bunch of DIY crafts on Pinterest these days? Time to get creating those pins you have long forgotten about! Whether it’s those chunky blankets, candles, or a digital scrapbook, there are plenty of crafts to keep you occupied.

Cook. Or bake. Look up new recipes you never had the time to make. Just make sure you have all of the items necessary as most grocery stores are running low these days.

Self-care. Throw on a face mask, hair mask, foot mask, hand mask, or whatever other kind of masks they make these days. Take a bubble bath. RELAX. Take advantage of all the extra time you have.

Shower. Just because you’re not leaving your home, doesn’t mean you should practice poor hygiene.

Declutter your home. Who wants to be trapped inside for who knows how long staring at a bunch of junk you no longer need.

Write. Losing your mind? Yea, me too. Write about it. Maybe it will become the next greatest novel out there. Maybe a novel is overachieving. Instead, write an article for the Though Catalog to help others out with idea number one up there.

Call your family and friends. With all this free time, is there really any excuse to lose touch with people? Make the effort. Call your loved ones and check to make sure they are all ok.

Video Chat. Sure, we are all practicing social distancing. That doesn’t mean we can’t host group video chats, drink wine, and gossip.

Plan travel. Just because we can’t really travel at the moment doesn’t mean that we can’t pre-book travel for down the road. There are plenty of great deals out there for low cost, affordable travel. It may take a little searching, but there are great opportunities out there.

This was all meant to be light during such a serious time in our history. All joking aside, follow all the recommendations from the CDC to protect yourself and those you care about. Stay safe and healthy out there.