12 Things That Are Better Than A Boyfriend


Don’t get me wrong, boyfriends can be great. But let’s be honest, being single certainly has its perks. Sometimes, we unattached folk need to remind ourselves life is just as awesome when navigating it alone. So here’s my shout out to the ladies who may be feeling down about flying solo this holiday season. Let this serve as a reminder of all the wonderful things in the world that don’t involve changing your relationship status:

1. Strong Coffee: Hot and ready to go in as little as thirty seconds. At any time of day. You can have it at home, in the car and at work. Need I say more?

2. Red Wine: So many choices just begging to be carried out of the grocery store (think about all the fellas who don’t like being yanked from the market). Let em stay there. Maybe like wine, they’ll get finer with time.

3. Pilot G-2 Pens: If you’ve never picked up a package of these gems, drop everything and get to Target. Even if you’re not a writer or an artist or anyone who writes anything down ever, you’ll instantly be transformed into a creative genius.

4. Cold Sheets: Two bodies in the same bed never make for cool sheets. Consider yourself lucky for not getting lucky.

5. Sunsets: You leave work each evening wondering what the sky is wearing. The anticipation is exciting. Even if Mother Nature is getting her cloud on, you can remind yourself what boyfriends expect when you get out of work: Dinner.

6. Yoga: In just one hour you can exercise mind, body & soul. It’s relaxation & inspiration all in one pretzel. You remember those days when it took an hour to figure out which restaurant to go to for dinner with your beau?

7. Children: They think you’re funny and strong and have a great singing voice. They draw you two-person stick figure pictures, one stick you; the other them.

8. Books: Unless you’re reading me poetry while I fall asleep, books will always win. Hashtag talk nerdy to me.

9. Traveling: A face in the crowd. There’s nothing like slipping away to a place on the other side of the globe with no familiar surroundings. It’s exhilarating. If the person sitting next to you on the plane is the same person you share your every day life with: mission unaccomplished.

10. Chocolate: Boyfriends are like a box of chocolates ya never know what you’re going to get. Except with chocolate, I don’t need to know what I’m going to get because it’s ALL good.

11. Jimmy Fallon: When I want to laugh, I YouTube the crap out of this guy. Instant mood boost.

12. Volunteering: Not much warms the heart more than being of service to others.  In fact, the day I get sick of this “better-than-boyfriends list” is the day a dude asks me on a date … to the local homeless shelter.