12 Things I Learned From My First Semester At Uni


1. Everyone; you do not need to go and waste half you’re student loan on neon clothing, body paint and Halloween costumes. No-one will be sober enough to remember what you’re wearing.

2. You don’t need to kiss every person in sight for fear that they’ll not be there next week, pace yourself and tease! don’t jump in bed with any guys/girls who look at you.

3. Chances are you’ll become friends with the whole students union bar during freshers but end up hating quite a few of them within the first few weeks.

4. You will make continuous plans to go to lectures, but staying in bed will always win the argument.

5. Prepare to have to mix with people you wouldn’t usually, sometimes they can turn out to be the best kind of people.

6. You will become a regular at you’re nearest off license/Tesco. Don’t worry you’re not an alcoholic, just a recreational drinker.

7. Bring a onsie, guarantee you’ll need it.

8.Sometimes you try so hard to fit in that you will welcome any attention and any friendships. Have standards ladies and men, know what you want and don’t settle for less just because you don’t want to be alone.

9. M8, you will find you’re friends in time and maybe a few love interests. Do not worry, guys turn into life-size dicks in UNI and girls tend to throw their morals out the window. Be a tease ladies!! and men… be nice.

10. Noodles are an acceptable breakfast, lunch and dinner when at UNI.

11. Take thousands of photos & videos, document everything because they are one of the most important things you’ll thank yourself in the long-run for doing.

12. Everyone will drink & party, don’t feel pressured but realize it will be the “norm” to get absolutely hammered.  You can either join in or not, you don’t have to drink to make friends.