11 Ways You’re Accidentally Sabotaging Your Own Happiness


1. You’re only listening to your brain, never your heart.

Instead, for every 10 rational choices you make, allow yourself a moment of impulsivity.

2. You’re only listening to your heart, never your brain.

Instead, try to balance your emotional wants with logical needs.

3. You avoid doing anything that might embarrass you.

Instead, remember that embarrassment eventually turns into humor. We all love a good embarrassing story. Think of this as a chance to tuck one into your pocket for a later date.

4. You’re overly concerned with what people think of you.

Instead, figure out the people with opinions who truly do matter to you. Take those into consideration. Forget any outside noise. You don’t need to please the masses, just the few who really know and care about you.

5. You do only what’s necessary.

Instead, give 110%. Not all the time, but on occasion. It feels good to push ourselves.

6. You won’t learn new skills.

Instead, take a class or look up a tutorial on YouTube for something you’ve never even thought about doing. You never know where passion (or just a useful new skill) will pop up.

7. You’re letting other people dictate what you should or shouldn’t do.

Instead, practice putting yourself first from time-to-time.

8. You shut people out.

Instead, try lowering your walls. Let people in. It’s more fulfilling that way.

9. You’re staying in a job that you dread every morning.

Instead, put more energy into hobbies or passions. You don’t have to quit if that’s not an option. But find things that will invigorate you to balance the 9-5 drag.

10. You always do exactly what you’re told.

Instead, rebel every now and then. Question what you’re being told. Seek your own answers.

11. You expect love to be perfect.

Instead, understand nothing is. Love is not perfect. Even the most wonderful relationship is not perfect. Love will come to you in all its flawed ways. And it will still be beautiful.