11 TV Shows That Make You Love (Or Hate) That Job


As college students, we are constantly bombarded with question relating to what we want to do when we “grow up” (because of course, you’re not a real person yet until you’re done with school). Now is the time we are pushed to decide because, of course, a college education will help us get there. Beyond our many hours of sleeping, hanging with friends, wasting time on Facebook, and maybe even homework, many of us can fit in some TV time (often times on our computers). What we watch on TV, and more specifically the professions that are portrayed, may alter our perceptions of what we want to do, for better or for worse. At this ripe young age, we are very susceptible to stimuli (such as TV shows) that may change our own perceptions of the real world. Despite knowing that TV is exaggerated, I can’t help wanting to be a lawyer after watching Suits on USA. Here is a list of several TV shows that may steer us towards (or away from) the path of the professions that these shows depict:

A. The Good:

1. Suits (Lawyer)

What man doesn’t aspire to be like Harvey and Mike? They always find a way to win, they wear nice suits, and they work with women like Rachel, Donna, and Scotty. Law school, sign me up!

2. House of Cards (Politician)

One has to respect and admire the power and influence that Frank Underwood wields in government. Underwood makes politics seem exciting, likely quite contrary to the partisan gridlock of real life politics.

3. Mad Men (Advertising)

Don Draper is clever and dapper. By the end of the meeting, the client will think what he wants them to think. Too bad advertising isn’t the way it was in the ‘60s.

4. Late Night Talk Shows (Talk Show Host)

Getting paid for cracking jokes and meeting celebrities is hard to top. Sometimes I wish I could jump around and make funny noises like Conan does. But people just look at me weirdly.

5. Entourage (Hollywood)

Vinny Chase, Turtle, Johnny Drama, and E hang around by day and court beautiful women by night. Here’s the plan: Step 1. Befriend someone who will become a famous actor, Step 2. Move to LA with him when he gets his big break in LA, Step 3. Drive him around in a hummer. Easy as that.

6. Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Professional Improv Actor)

If I could get paid for playing party quirks every night, I would take that job in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I’m not Wayne Brady. Most of us get into improve the way Michael Scott did…and won’t get much further

B. The Bad:

7. The Office (Small Sales Office)

It’s hard to want to work in a place where the most exciting day of the year is when a guy is making custom pretzels on the ground floor. As much as I love The Office, I would hate to work there. Just no.

8. The Big Bang Theory (Physicist)

For most of us, hanging with a person like Sheldon wouldn’t be our cup of tea. “A homo erectus discovering his opposable thumbs says whaaat?” is not your insult by choice. On the upside, you could get a girl like Penny.

9. Arrested Development (The Family Business)

Though your family isn’t likely as messed up as the Bluths, this show doesn’t help much in encouraging you to go work for your dad. Business and family don’t mix well here. But remember, there is always money in the banana stand.

C. The Questionable:

10.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Bar Owner)

It was a rare occasion to see a patron in Paddy’s Pub. The bar business is tough, as there is lots of competition. That said, it would be really fun to run your own bar and have some fun during downtime.

11. Workaholics (Telemarketer)

No one grows up wanting to be a telemarketer. But if you need some money on the side and can do it with a couple of friends, Blake, Adam, and Ders show you how you can make the best of it.