11 Problems Chips And Salsa Lovers Can Relate To


1. Always suggesting “tex- mex” on where to go for dinner/ lunch/ breakfast/ brunch.

2. Attempting to pass the true test of self-control — only eating until you’re full.

3. Realizing you have no self-control because you ate the whole damn basket.

4. Unlimited chips and salsa is a curse, really. More chips, please!

5. Small salsa cups where you have to break the chip to dip it in. Why. Do. They. Even. Exist?

6. Your waiter knows you already want extra salsa, solely through eye contact.

7. Loathing yourself because you ate too much. Every single time.

8. Your friends/siblings don’t like dining with you because you hog the whole thing.

9. Speaking of, being the first one to dip in to the salsa cup (if sharing of course.)

10. Not being hungry when the food actually arrives, and asking for it “to go”

11. But with more chips and salsa, please.