10 Toxic Things That Happen When You Confuse A F*ckboy For The Love Of Your Life


Love is the most beautiful feeling, but sometimes love is not enough to stay in a relationship.

Relationships are work, effort, compromises and the most important of all it’s respect.

Sometimes few bricks crumble but love sustains the stability, and sometimes the damage is far beyond being salvaged, sometimes you have to make that hard decision of walking away and there are signs that will instinctively make you want to call it quits and you’ll deceive yourself into staying, and I’m telling you to do what’s best for you even if it hurts.

Toxin is seeping through your life like this:

1. Somehow it always end up your fault, you even start believing you are the problem.

He’s manipulative, darling, the only problem with you is him.

2. Compromises are always on your part, in the name of love, and if not, you’re the selfish part of the relationship.

3. You give the 100% and if you ask for his part, you’re unappreciative; you always want more no matter his efforts.

4. Your success is not good for his ego, he demeans it, and he puts you down, because it really frustrates him.

You deserve someone who only sees pride in your success, in his eyes your achievements is a source of happiness. Someone who doesn’t feel greater when he makes you smaller.

5. In arguments, he’s always right even if he’s wrong, never admits to his mistakes.

You end up infuriated on the side. And I don’t know how men really don’t understand how we hate this trait, and that the simple act of admitting one’s mistakes isn’t just right, it’s attractive!

6. He makes you cry, he throws words like bullets through your heart, pins your soul to the lowest ground and leaves you there, shrink as you cry yourself to sleep, no apologies.

No human is worth your tears, if someone doesn’t appreciate you enough to the extent that he hurts you intently and unapologetically, he’s not worthy my darling. You deserve better, you deserve someone who makes your lip curl-up with a smile.

7. He compares you to other girls.

If he loves you he will be seeing you and only you, real men don’t do that.

8. He wants you all for himself, selfishly wants you to give up your friends, hobbies, jobs!

He’s a universe and you should revolve around him.

9. Your spark, that lively laugh, your positive energy, self-confidence, they’re on the steep hills, sliding down.

If he dims your light, no matter how much he pleads for you to stay, vows to change, leave, run for the hills, he’s toxic; he’s no good for you. If someone wanted to change he would’ve changed. The human nature of possessiveness makes you cling to things more, appreciate them more when they’re slipping right between your fingers.

10. Do not drink poison out of lovers’ cups, mistake it for sacrifice.

Hurting yourself won’t make you a martyr. Do not believe those who tell you burning is what keeps you warm, fire was never the right synonym for love. Do not sugar coat pain, romanticize it.

Love is not like that darling.

Stop swallowing pain with honey dipped words, it won’t make the sour gush in your throat go away.