10 Times Florida Shooting Survivors Stood Up And Refused To Be Silenced About Gun Control


1. The time this teen called out Trump on Twitter

2. And then later challenged him to a face-to-face conversation

3. Not to mention called out some pretty insensitive Twitter trolls who were too busy criticizing them to empathize

4. This young woman who put Tomi Lahren on blast for suggesting guns weren’t the problem

5. And her classmate, who had a lot of things to say to Tomi, too

6. Who happens to be the same woman who revealed her grandfather had been a survivor of a mass shooting, too — the first in U.S. history

7. This student who criticized the media for sympathizing with the attacker




8. This teen who showed the terrifying reality of what it’s like to be in a mass shooting when all she did was go to school


9. This student who called out the government for refusing to take action, despite this being the 18th school shooting this year

10. This teacher who changed her stance on gun control policies after the shooting

Never let anyone silence you. You’re the heroes of this story.