10 Things You’ll Learn From Falling In Love With A Strong Man


1. He will teach you by example what love really is. What it means to give and receive love. He’ll expand your heart and open you up to feel something bigger than yourself again.

2. He will teach you what it means to live in the present. Those ex-boyfriends become obsolete. There is no comparing, not even a thought of that, because the past is history, one you’ve moved on from.

3. You’ll learn what it means to speak your truth again. To not be afraid to voice yourself and your opinion without starting and argument or offending the other person, because he’ll welcome everything you have to say and won’t want to fight, but explore your viewpoint with you.

4. You’ll feel safe. He’ll give you the strength to pursue your passions, and to bring your goals and soul back to life. The unknown, once scary as hell, is now an adventure you’re willing to take.

5. He will show you what love means and what it does not mean. He won’t take advantage of you, push you around or pressure you into anything.

6. He will teach you how to keep going even in the toughest times. You’ll learn that it’s okay to get knocked down, and that backing down and giving up doesn’t need to be the only option when things get tough.

7. He will teach you that being soft, gentle, and compassionate are strengths not weaknesses.

8. You’ll learn what it means to compromise, but also uphold your boundaries for the things that matter.

9. He will teach you what it means to create a happy home, a beautiful family and a better bond with all the people you love. You’ll learn how to connect better with others because he’s taught you how to connect better with him.

10. He will teach you many things, but most of all, you’ll learn that it’s not up to him to create your best relationship ever, but it’s up to both of you. And with him by your side you can do just that.