10 Bad Habits You Should Outgrow If You’re Single


1. Overthinking

Some singles waste their time on “what if’s” instead of accepting the real deal. Your relationship status is more of a choice that you yourself make.

2. Playing around & treating dating like a game, believing that finding the right one is simply trial and error


3. Dwelling in the past

It’s just as bad as abrading your emotional wound: you’re letting it bleed again and again, leaving an even deeper scar.

4. Allowing oneself to be surrounded by couples

It’s probably the #1 thing that causes the pressure. Being around other singles can help ease loneliness.

5. Looking for Mr./Ms. Right based on one’s “type”

When it comes to selecting people for life, taking one’s preferences too seriously isn’t always the way it goes.

6. Being hopeless

There are seven billion people in the world, with seven billion souls. Two people are bound for each other, and they will recognize it when it’s meant to be.

7. Waiting in agony by holding oneself back

We ourselves validate our individual worth and existence by maximizing our potential and chasing our pursuits. Only then can one realize the person he/she deserves and the one who deserves him/her.

8. Replacing loneliness with obsession and/or pride to ┬ájustify one’s emotional strength

Extremely indulging in certain things can be a major turn off! It could be a bad indication of unwillingness to commit to relationships.

Like everything else, moderation is key.

9. Not knowing what to answer and feeling sorry for oneself when being asked, “Why are you (still) single?”

There’s nothing pathetic about being honest and not everything requires an explanation. So laugh it off!

10. Becoming desperate

Finding “the one” is great. But with all the freedom there is while waiting, being single can be awesome for as long as one chooses it!