10 Things You Should Know About Loving A Girl With A Career


1. Never ask her to give up her dreams for you. She won’t let anything stand in the way of her work, so don’t expect her to give up her career for you. It doesn’t matter how much she loves you, because she’s always going to put work in front of a relationship. Her job means the world to her, and she wants to date someone that accepts that. Maybe even someone that admires that.

2. Don’t underestimate her. She has learned how to balance different areas of her life. Just because she has a career doesn’t mean that she’s going to neglect you. She’s still going to put in effort. She’s still going to treat you as well as she can. She’s still an amazing girlfriend.

3. Let her do her fair share. She’s not going to want you to pick up every check. So if you’re the type of man that doesn’t feel like a man unless you’re making more money than her and paying for everything she buys, then she isn’t the girl for you. She would rather split the cost.

4. Never make light of the work she does. Some people think of their job as something boring they’re forced to do 9-5, but that’s not what she thinks at all. So don’t tell her that getting in trouble with her boss or falling behind on work doesn’t matter — because it does matter to her. Her career is her entire world.

5. Give her the freedom to take care of herself. She’s always busy. She isn’t going to be free every weekend. She’ll put in effort to make time for you, but she won’t be able to take a spontaneous trip to Italy or stay up until 2 AM on a work night with your friends. She has to balance fun with work, which means some days, she’ll be too busy to see you.

6. Give her the encouragement she needs. Even though she’s independent, even though she knows that she’s capable of anything she puts her mind to, sometimes she has doubts. Sometimes, she needs you to remind her that she has what it takes. She needs you to be just as enthusiastic about her career as she is.

7. Help her relax when she’s overstressed. Most of the time, she’s going to be stressed. It’s because she cares. Because she puts a lot on her plate. Because she has high standards for herself. That’s why she needs a boyfriend who can calm her down, who can make her forget about her problems when work hours are over.

8. Give her a chance to talk about her day. She’s proud of what she does. She loves it. That’s why she’s going to want to tell you all about her day. She won’t leave out a single detail. And she won’t want you to leave out a single detail about your day, either.

9. Try to get along with her coworkers. She spends so much time with her coworkers that they feel like family. So expect to be seeing a lot of them. You’re going to have to attend a lot of work functions and office parties.

10. If you ever get the opportunity, do what you love. She doesn’t care how much money you make. She just wants you to be happy. So if you’re always complaining about your workload or coworkers, she’s going to encourage you to quit. And if she finds out you have a hobby or secret talent, she’s going to push you to pursue it. She wants you to be as proud of your career as she is.