10 Things To Know Before Dating Someone With An Alpha Personality


1. We are independent.

We do not seek a relationship because of a fear or an avoidance of being alone. We seek a relationship due to the enjoyment of companionship, the fun of meeting someone new, learning about them, and of course, a way we can show our raw, erotic, romantic passion.

2. We aren’t afraid of walking away.

A breakup is the last thing we worry about. You want to break up with an Alpha? They’ll accept your decision and continue with their life. An Alpha wants to break up with you? They’ll say “This isn’t going to work” and it’s done. Being “ghosted” by someone we are dating is a joke. We forget the ones who forget us. First sign of bad behavior, first sign of bullshit, first sign that we are in a situation that doesn’t coincide with our values and principles and we drop you like a hot potato. No looking back. No second chances. Don’t even think for a split second we will ever get in touch with you again. The world is at our feet and we look forward to meeting the next person on this planet of 7.3 billion people.

3. We have boundaries.

Our time, our emotions, our body, our life, our rules. You live in our reality, we don’t live in yours. We have places to go, people to see, and shit to do. You are someone new we are dating, do not expect to see us 3-4 times a week (or worse, accept a last-minute date), email everyday, talk on the phone for hours, text for hours. We are too BUSY. You want a relationship with an Alpha? Then you must understand we will make an amendment in our schedule for you, but we won’t accommodate you.

4. We are loyal.

Cheating. Backstabbing. Talking shit. Lying. Those words are not in our behavioral vocabulary. There is nothing we will say behind your back that we won’t say to your face. In fact, we prefer to say it to your face; we want to see your body language and your facial expression when we call you out. Cheating? An impossibility. As long as you have our respect, you have our loyalty. We don’t get out of situations in the middle of the night; tip toeing out the back door. If we want to exit a relationship, we are leaving in bright day light, out the front door with the loudest Goddamn bang you ever heard.

5. We socialize with other Alphas.

Alphas recognize other Alphas. We instantly recognize who is in control of their lives, control of their emotions, who have a set mind of their personal values and principles. Our friends are not just buddies we shoot the shit with, they are our consultants. Our social engagements involve discussing the world, ideas, theories, studies, problems, and more. Our interaction with our friends is an enlightening experience, where we gather new wisdom to better our lives and ourselves.

6. We have little to no respect for Betas and Omegas.

If you have been betrayed, lied to, emotionally or physically abused, and you are STILL with that person, you are a Beta or an Omega. If you ever took someone back after they dumped your ass, you are a Beta/Omega. If you think life is linear and you compare your life to other people’s lives, you are a Beta/Omega. If you are intimidated by ANY person on this planet (from your boss to President Obama) you are a Beta/Omega. Alphas do not respect people who do not respect themselves, it is simple as that.

7. We educate ourselves.

Alphas learn. Alphas read. Alphas have personal enrichments. Alphas do shit. We don’t sit on our ass and watch mindless TV shows (unless we just launched a business plan or finished a 45 page dissertation and feel we can do nothing for a few minutes.) We keep active, physically and mentally. When we are dating someone, we prefer to date someone who also has a life filled with engagements.

8. We have a voice.

Remember Alphas are the leaders. We do not feel we are walking on eggshells with anyone. If we have an opinion, view, about something we are going to say it loud and clear. Do we like you? We will say it. Did you just piss us off? We will also say it. Do we feel you want to say something but are holding back? We will push you until you say it. Only Betas/Omegas can’t handle confrontation, positive or negative.

9. We are fearless.

Fear has no place in our world. Fear is non-existent. Fears that cause Betas or Omegas anxiety/depression have no effect on us. We are clever enough to understand that any human “fear” must be met with acceptance, never resistance. Batman, for example was scared shitless of bats, so what did he do? You guessed it. He sat in a cave with thousands of bats swarming all over him until his fear lost all power. He walked out of the cave as a man in complete control. Same concept goes for dating. A million worries can pop into your mind when you are dating or falling in love with someone, but the only thought you counter to a worry should be “I’ll take the risk and accept the uncertainty.”

10. You’ll never be the same again.

Once you date an Alpha, you’ll never be the same again. How can you? You have encountered a person who knows who they are, who doesn’t spoon-feed their problems/insecurities to you, who doesn’t expect or even want you to be the emancipator of their life/happiness, who has standards, who strives to be the best version of themselves, who lives by values/principles, who is respected by their fellow Alphas, who is admired by Betas/Omegas, who in other words, will bring nothing but richness into your life. The riches I mean aren’t status, money, or power but loyalty, love, passion, intelligence, and honor.