10 Things People Are Afraid To Say But Shouldn’t Be


1. “I don’t know.”

This very statement isn’t for you people out there who don’t know what they want to eat. Be decisive, for crying out loud, please. This is for when you’re truly stumped. When your brain power, unfortunately, isn’t enough.

2. “I need help.”

It is okay to need help. This is something I have to remind myself everyday. Being vulnerable is ugly, scary, and honestly, it’s frowned upon but we all eventually need help. And if you think you don’t need help, then I hope you break your leg and try to walk without the help of crutches. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

3. “You’re beautiful.”

We are all beautiful; Beautiful in our own ways. Stop saying things like “sexy”, “on fleek”, “hot”, and “cute”. Stop using bullshit terminology like you’re still in middle school. Tell them they’re beautiful. It will go a LONG way.

4. “Thank you.”

I swear, I wasn’t sent here by your parents to teach you manners. Saying thank you is essential. You’re an asshole if you don’t say it – especially when I held that heavy ass door open for you, so you could walk through like a damn prince(ss). Thank your parents/guardians, friends, whoever… every day. Shit, I’m going to text my boyfriend now and thank him for putting up with my opinionated, liberated a$$.

5. “I am sorry.”

I think I say this too much, mostly for things I don’t need to be sorry. Stop being sorry for things that aren’t a huge deal, but do say sorry. Always say it. Especially when you’re wrong.

6. “I love you.”

Say it often. To your family, friends, significant others. Tell people you love them, preferably when you’re not intoxicated and only when you truly mean it. Never lie about this, and with that being said, don’t be afraid to say it.

7. “I don’t love you (anymore).”

Going on the whole love trend, don’t tell people you love them when you don’t. This means not saying I love you for sex, approval, or whatever your evil brain thinks is a logical reason to say those three words. Also, when you’re no longer in love with someone, tell them. Do not be that asshole who leaves them hanging, thinking you’re still one of the people who loves them. Tell them things have changed. I don’t LOVE YOU ANYMORE. It will be freeing. It will hurt. It will probably involve some tears from either party. But, if I can teach you anything, it’s not to stay in a relationship for the fear of missing out or the fear of never finding another love like that. That shit’s for the birds. Okay, I’m ranting, but I think these kinds of people are awful.

8. “I hate you.”

Okay, so maybe hate is a harsh word, maybe you can say “I don’t like you.” People shouldn’t go around through life hoping for the approval of others, but I can tell you it is nice to know who doesn’t have your back and who does. Just be honest, and try to be amicable.

9. *Cuss words*

I have a very colorful vocabulary. I like to cuss. Cuss words are simply sentence enhancers. Fuck you for thinking otherwise. The word fuck is my favorite, honestly, and I use it a lot. Be selective in your vocabulary choices, always. There’s no need to fill every sentence with every naughty word in the book, but throw in a “shit” or “damn” often. It will honestly make you feel better and make your spoken words more passionate.

10. “You have something in your teeth.”

It is awfully embarrassing. You will be okay. Be a nice person. You’d want someone to tell you if you had shit in your teeth or something on your face.

Stop being afraid.