10 Things I Promise To Do For The Love Of My Life


1. I Will Support You.

In anything you want or feel, I will support you. I will stand behind you and help you chase your dreams, because I want to see the happiness on your face when you achieve them.

2. I Will Be Kind To You.

Even on my worst days, I will show you how much I care about you. I may be moody or sassy but I will never make you question my feelings – my kindness will always outweigh that.

3. I Will Love Your Family.

Through all their crazy and their mess, I will love them, because I will love you, and they are a huge part of who you are. They will drive me crazy and make me question sanity but they will be loved wholly.

4. I Will Respect Your Privacy.

Never will I invade anywhere in your life that I am not welcome. Your phone, your social media and your passwords are yours and yours alone. You are your own person and I will trust you.

5. I Will Cuddle You When You’re Sad.

On your bad days I will lay with you and I will hold your hand or rub your back, silently reassuring you that life is not all that bad and that you are loved.

6. I Will Never Let You Down.

Some days I may disappoint you, but I will never let you feel like I was not there. You will have me to count on when you need someone to listen or to sit in silence with – or if you need someone to help you commit a felony then try to cover it up, I will be there for you.

7. I Will Be There For The Good And Bad.

On your best days I will be your cheerleader. On your worst days I will be the shoulder you lean on when the world is knocking you down. The highs and the lows, I will be right beside you.

8. I Will Make You Laugh…By Being Odd.

I am odd, so making you laugh at that shouldn’t be hard – I’ll just be extra odd when trying to make you laugh.

9. I Will Miss You.

The distance will suck and will make me worry and need reassurance that you are still mine – but mostly I will miss you. I will miss the way you sleep and I will miss the way you stare at me when I’m too quiet. I will miss you physically and emotionally – and some days I will randomly cry over you.

10. I Will Never Hold Anything Back.

I will be honest and I will always have your best interest at heart – you will be a priority.