10 Things I Learned Since The Day I Loved You


My mind is still baffled since the day you came into my life. I kept asking myself a lot of questions about your purpose entering my life. Until everything got put off or possibly things simply happened amid their best times. Your appeal and oddness impressed me. It resembles to see half of myself in similarity of you. Days and evenings went on thus as we.

1. Being yourself wouldn’t bring you any harm.

At the first two dates that we had, I tried to show tons of finesse. Yet on the contrary, you showed me your entertaining-insane-abnormal side. I still tried to hold it together yet I fizzled. I wound up snickering with all of your dance moves and lip syncing numbers. People were gazing and giving a stunned look at us, yet you tend not to care thus I didn’t as well.

2. Happiness starts within oneself. Your happiness is an add-on to mine.

When you were not yet part of my daily equation, I found my life happy. I have a career. I have a family that I love. I have plans to explore and look for better opportunities abroad. It felt that my plan is really working. I got everything planned up. Everything is in their places or I just thought so. At night, there’s me praying for something I have been missing for quite a while; a commitment.

Out of nowhere, our story worked out. We met and then we fall in love.

3.To love is to be vulnerable.” – S. LewisThe Four Loves

When I was beginning to know you in a more profound sense, I let myself simply be totally powerless. I let myself be fearless to have given love a chance to come in my direction. And there you were that night, lying in the field with me as we look into the night sky together. A little rain sprinkled from the sky and we went to your car with all of the windows were open. You looked at me as I rest my head in your shoulder. You confessed the love that you have for me. And in a couple of heartbeats, I simply realized that I’m defenseless. You asked me, and I said, “I love you.”

4. A good man won’t let you let go of your aspirations and dreams. He will support you despite of the sacrifices along the way.

At first, there’s a falter in my heart that you may be absolutely against all of my plans. Like you will prevent me from seeking after my dreams. But you showed me off-base. My heart was happy to discover that we’re on the same side. We truly are a team.

5. You as a person is my most noteworthy guide and my companion.

You never cast me in the shade. You are as good as a wagon.

6. Love can cover miles and miles of separation.

Distance will always have its numerical calculations that you and me are 3739.2 nautical miles away from one another. But your love is so bona fide, it’s equitable; so consoling and fair.

7. Simple things count to be the greatest.

Our “back-of-the-truck” kind of late-night snacking, dinners with your families, attending mass together, holding hands, wiping a bit of a sauce on the corner of your mouth, rubbing off your shoulders, your skin against mine, your arms around me, your heartbeat, forehead kisses to rain kisses and a lot more.

8. We are responsible to look after each other.

I have a strong feeling that this is us being blessed together. Since the day I love you, I know you made me more grounded. You have confidence in me. You never let a day to go by without caring for me.

9. Plans are something that we look forward to.

We are like the other couples in the world, we make plans. And those plans have become to be our goals.

10. You will feel that your life has been blessed with love. 

Regardless of where the story goes, you simply need to keep it together. Continuously be appreciative that you were sufficiently fortunate to carry on with an existence with such gifts. Not everybody in this world is as fortunate as the others. Some are as yet seeking, and tragically, some has surrendered.

Days and months in the calendar will change, even the seasons will wear out; yet I will dependably be thankful to you for picking us consistently. I never see myself that I’d be so profoundly upbeat, placated and in love to somebody who appeared to be extremely peculiar yet could catch my heart.