10 Things Girls Do That I Don’t Understand


1. Why girls choose to add a filter to every picture they upload on Facebook, making them look yellow/orange. Are they trying to give themselves a virtual spray tan?

2. When girls take selfies with each other, yet angle the camera so far down that their eyes appear closed or squinty. And somehow, the smile never looks genuine. It always looks forced.

3. Why girls pay $$$ for a salad, but only chew on the lettuce with NO dressing and/or toppings. Say whaaaa?

4. Taking fucking Starbucks selfies. Girls either pose with the drink in hand, or just capture their majestic Venti Frappe in all its glory. As an Instagram novice, I once took a picture of my Grande Frappe. The picture has rightfully been deleted.

5. Getting belly button piercings. I don’t care how skinny you are now. They look ratchet, and I guarantee that it makes your belly button smell.

6. Why girls still subtweet. Isn’t that like, so high school? They know the other person will see the tweet, which in turn causes petty drama. But hey, all us cool kids get to sit back, eat some popcorn, and pass the time by scrolling through their Twitter fights and laughing at their immaturity.

7. Wearing high-waisted shorts. Do they really think that camel toes and showing off their butt crack to the world seems like a good idea? I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

8. Why girls find it necessary to wear flower crowns to any large, outdoor musical festival. Hobby Lobby just called. They want all their fake flowers back.

9. Girls’ obsession with Lululemon. Yeah, they’re clothes are super fab, but I’d rather save my money to buy something worthwhile, rather than spending $100 on black leggings that we all know are just going to fade and stretch out eventually. It’s only a matter of time, people. Also, wearing a fat, neon Lulu headband with a messy bun does not make you look any cooler.

10. Last, but certainly not least, why girls throw themselves at men. It’s great when a girl takes initiative and tells a guy how she feels. This shows that she’s confident in her feelings, and she knows what she wants. What I’m not okay with is why girls will lower their standards in order to please men. The number of men who have little respect for women and their bodies is increasing. So, why aren’t girls commanding the respect that they deserve? Instead, they are increasing the limits of their sexuality in order satisfy men’s needs. However, sex does not always equate to mutual respect from both parties. Once men “use” a girl for their intended purpose, whether it be relationship or sex, they drop the girl like a fly when they get bored of her and continue to search for the next temporary girl. Girls need to realize that satisfying men’s desires at the expense of their dignity is not the answer to gain self-respect or attention. Of course, not every man acts like this, but you get my point. Girls should learn to be independent and to respect themselves as an individual. Only then should they seek companionship from men. And you know what? They just might find themselves a genuinely kind and caring man in this crazy, stupid life (Ke$ha reference, anyone?).