10 Things Cats Teach Us


1. Sleep—a lot.

Do it without a care in the world! Sleep deprivation makes one cranky and unproductive.

2. Purr when you feel good.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging satisfaction and/or happiness.

3. Always stretch when you yawn.

And do it with poise!

4. Make eye contact to express intense love or utter annoyance.

Whether it’s your loved one or frenemy, let your eyes lock and refuse to look away until the message sinks in. No blinking!

5. Demand to be treated like a princess.

For example, when an unpalatable portion of food is served, refuse to eat it to the point of starvation. For a dramatic effect: Take one quick look at the dish, sniff it, and walk away. Knowing what you deserve equates to knowing your worth.

6. Look your best at all times.

Good grooming is not vanity.

7. Keep it simple but classy.

If you must, wear minimal makeup. Who else is a pro at wearing eyeliner and fur coats but cats?

8. Play it cool.

A sense of mystery is what makes everything exciting. Eagerness can be a major turn-off. “Nuff said.

9. Don’t be afraid of heights.

High places help you see the bigger picture (literally and figuratively).

10. Enjoy spending comfortable silence with the people you love.

Because words aren’t always necessary to make a moment magical or unforgettable.

In loving memory of my Persian cat, Ashley. Not only did I lose a pet, I lost a master. (You know how cats can be so bossy, yeah?) On a more serious note, not only did I lose a pet, I also lost a good friend.