10 Things All Cats Know To Be True That Humans Should Learn From


Being a cat owner comes with its own special brand of crazy. From the constant scratches lining your arms to the stockpile of twist ties and strings in every corner of your house, living with a cat is both a blessing and a curse. When my cat passed away unexpectedly, I finally realized how he had this whole life thing figured out all along.

1. It’s never too late for dinner or too early for breakfast.

And it’s perfectly okay to play with your food.

 If it’s 11PM and you are hellaciously hungry, just yowl incessantly until someone comes to feed you. This is usually taken care of by a BFF, SO, or a delivery driver. You can pick.

2. Naps cure even the worst of moods.

Catch some zzzz’s, anytime, anywhere. Guaranteed to turn that frown upside down.

3. Have regular, epic bowel movements.

We all know that our stool can tell us a lot about our health.  Making sure you get all those toxins out consistently is good for your skin.  Extra points if you can do it at 5 in the morning and wake your roommates up.

4. Sometimes you need to climb to the top to get the best view.

It can be boring living life from the ground.  Even if way up is paved with hazards, potted plants, and glass, just knock them out of your way.  Someone else will clean it up.

5. You can have all the fancy toys money can buy, but nothing beats the warmth of a laptop.

The lifeline, the source of all knowledge.  You can entertain yourself with other things, but you’ll always come back to the soft glow of the screen.

6. Don’t forget to daydream.

There’s a whole world outside. Make sure to spend ample time getting sunshine and staring lazily into the sky.

7. If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again.

Even if there’s an obstacle in your way, just keep throwing yourself at it and trying to kill it until it goes away.  Or until you bore yourself to tears and find something else to achieve.

8. Be the proudest you can be every single day; hold your tail up high.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get your dream job or the best thing you did all day was put pants on and eat a tub of ice cream, keep believing in yourself!

9. Express your emotions freely and often.

Be as vocal as possible.  Light purrs and incessant licking are the ideal modes of communication.

10. If you love something, sink your claws into it and hold on tight.

You might not get tomorrow to do it.