10 Sure Signs That You’re In A Serious Relationship


It took me almost eight years to fart in front of my husband. He had seen me without makeup. He had seen me naked. He had even witnessed me giving birth to our two boys, all years before he ever heard that first toot. Now I know we accept each other unconditionally. If we can make it through flatulence, we can make it through anything.

Here are a few more mile markers that mean you’re in a comfortable long-term relationship.
1. You pee with the door open.

2. You share socks.

3. You have each other’s passwords.

4. You no longer have to go to bed at the same time.

5. You don’t have to cuddle when you sleep.

6. You trade sex acts for other favors.

7. You can tell each other they’re pissing you off without a fight ensuing.

8. You know what each other orders at a drive-thru they when they aren’t with you.

9. He buys you tampons.

10. Those hot sexts have turned into a list of groceries to pick up.