10 Signs You Are The Sassiest Person You Know


1. Your boss tells you it’s been a good morning since he hasn’t spoken to you yet.

2. He also refers to you as “The Boss” on a daily basis, even though technically he is yours.

3. When someone asks you if you miss them, you respond by saying the only person you could ever miss is yourself.

4. When you say something to someone which they claim to find defensive, you respond saying you thought it was funny.

5. You are not afraid to wear whatever you want whenever you want, because haters are going to hate and you don’t care!

6. You politely ask for your friend’s opinion and advice but never take it and do the complete opposite.

7. You know without even a question of doubt you are the funniest person you’ve ever met.

8. You look people who intimidate you straight in the eye as if you are about to fight a bear in the wild.

9. People will call you loud, outrageous and unfiltered – no need to take offense people, you are just speaking the truth.

10. Your fears? You don’t have any anymore because you have beaten them to the ground.

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