10 Signs That You’ve Fallen In Love (And That It’s Real This Time)


1. You’ve deleted Tinder (and other equivalent dating apps).

It’s removed. For good. It doesn’t bug you that your backlog is now wiped clean and inaccessible, or that you can’t swipe while you poop anymore. You don’t even remotely miss the little flame logo or taking screen shots of the people in your social circle (and passing around their poor photo choices). Tinder is an antiquated piece of history you won’t tell your kids about.

2. Song lyrics take on a new meaning.

Every single love song you used to abhor is suddenly applicable, relatable, or downright lovable. “Omigosh this is so our song. The lyrics repeat themselves a hundred times in the chorus but they’re so real. They don’t rhyme but they’re poetry. Straight poetry.”

3. You don’t notice other people anymore.

You never thought this day would come, but you just don’t ogle anymore. You can’t remember your last celebrity crush. After-work rush hours no longer include double-takes, and everyone else just somehow became less attractive by default.

4. You’ve broken your rules from the past.

What happened to the commitment phobia? Or your three months maximum policy? What happened to diversifying your interests to lower risk? You find yourself somehow breaking all the rules you’ve meticulously set up over the years, but it doesn’t bother you one bit.

5. You’re willing to compromise things of importance.

Your priorities in life shift. You’re still the ambitious, self-loving person who wants to tackle all of life’s challenges, but you’re okay sharing these goals with someone now, and sometimes Netflix and chill is more important than reaching all your KPIs.

6. You don’t keep a list of their qualities.

Sometimes they get you so mad, but you can’t actually seem to list the qualities that make you so. You love everything about them, and even though parts of them supposedly cause hiccups, you can’t pinpoint them because ultimately they’re one big blob of sugar and spice and everything nice that you adore.

7. You’ve suddenly become obsessed with self-improvement.

You’re buying a plethora of cleaning detergents and spices for the recipes you’re memorizing. You’re working out more because you need that ass. You don’t leave the house looking like a slob (as often). You’re crazy about dental hygiene and you keep gum in your purse because your kisses should taste like the fruity, minty goodness of the mouth he deserves.

8. They’re the first and last thing on your mind.

Before your consciousness even arises in your sleepy mind, you pull out your phone to flood them with “Good morning” texts. You can’t go to bed until they have said “Good night,” to which you reply with a variety of disgusting lovey-dovey stickers that would have revolted you-from-the-past to the nth degree. You fucking dream about them. You could be a superhero in your dream world, fighting an intense battle that decided the fate of the world, and they’d pop out of nowhere and steal the dream-show.

9. The bad days don’t matter.

There are the days that aren’t great. You disagree, you bicker, you do the silent treatment or straight up wreak havoc. But these days don’t end up making a mark on the history you look back upon. For as long as you can think back to, there’s been nothing but bliss that you can relive in your mind.

10. You’ve turned a new chapter.

People say you’ve changed. When you slow down to contemplate your actions, you notice shifts in your regularities. You’re better at keeping time because he values timeliness. You’ve grown to enjoy his favorite dishes. You’ve learned to empathize since he’s shown you how to not only think about yourself. Simply put, your story now has another main character. And you’re more than excited to write the remaining pages with him.