10 Relationship Truths All Long-Term Couples Know To Be True


1. You develop your own secret language. This language becomes so normal to you that it becomes part of your usual vocabulary and you struggle to not let the odd word creep out when speaking to someone that’s not your other half.

2. Attachment. My boyfriend and I have been together pretty much every night since we’ve been together, and he pretty much lives at my house now. One night on my own, and I get so bored and lonely. Most people would probably be like yay I’ve got the whole bed to myself! Not me. He recently went away for four nights and the thought of it literally made me anxious for a couple of weeks beforehand. What was I going to do with all that free time?! How boring.

3. Bodily functions are no secret. Remember when you first got together and oh my gosh ladies don’t fart or burp!? Those days are long gone. You might even have competitions.

4. Being able to say things to each other that would seriously offend anyone else. You can happily tell your partner that their new jumper is a hideous color or that the dress they’ve been eyeing up for weeks would never suit them. You’re brutally honest and have no shame. Our ‘pet names’ aren’t sweetie and darling, they’re far too soppy. We’re all about butthead and shitface. Who said romance was dead?

5. You’re a team. This person is your best bud. You look out for each other, have each other’s backs and come as a pair.

6. Telepathic communication. You can speak to each other with just a look. This is great for dinner parties or when you’re out in a group – we sometimes do it just for a laugh.

7. At (at least) one point you will literally start to question your sanity. Am I actually this much of a bitch? Am I alright?

8. Your future plans will totally change. You have a whole other person to consider now, and you don’t want to do anything without them. Compromise.

9. Many, many memories.

10. The realization that being with anybody else would be very difficult. How do you even date? Starting again? No thanks. Then I wouldn’t be able to use words from our secret language or act like a total nutcase without worrying.