10 Reasons Why Your Next Relationship Should Definitely Be With An Extroverted Introvert


1. We are very emotionally complex.

We have extroverted emotions (like wanting to go out and party) AND introverted emotions (like wanting to stay home and drink tea sometimes), which means that we understand you no matter what you want to do.

We are very emotionally complex because we have more experiences to draw from than everyone else – at the drop of a hat we can recall a time when we went to a bar OR a time when we stayed home and read a Nietzsche book and we can remember what each one felt like (whereas an extrovert or introvert would only be able to draw from one or the other). That’s the definition of emotional intelligence.

2. We are the best lovers.

Introverts just lie there and think while they’re having sex, so there’s no point doing it with them. And extroverts just want it to all be about them! They’re all, ‘pay attention’ to me while we’re doing it! Gross. Extroverted introverts are very versatile in bed, just like we are in real life. We will often be willing to do it in more than just one position. That’s why we’re the best lovers, sexually speaking.

3. We will love you for YOU.

Extroverts will only date you for your money and introverts won’t date you at all because they hate people. But we extroverted introverts will love you for YOU. We will care about your personality and what stuff you like (as long as you are another extroverted introvert like us, because otherwise the stuff we like will be too deep for you to understand).

4. We hate small talk.

If you date an extrovert, five years into the relationship they will still just be talking to you about the weather – because extroverts LOVE small talk, it is their favorite thing. They never want to have a deep conversation. And if you date an introvert, they will never talk to you at all because they lose too much energy if they talk to people. So if you want to have a deep conversation, the only person you can talk to is an extroverted introvert like me. We will never make small talk because we’re way too deep for that.

5. We can navigate social situations OR we can be left alone.

An extrovert will be great at meeting your family, but if you try to leave them alone to do something on their own, like take a bus to meet you somewhere or get groceries, they can’t do it because they can never be on their own (that’s what being an extrovert means). And an introvert can do things alone but they don’t ever go out and do social things so they will probably never even agree to meet your family! Well, we extroverted introverts can actually do both of those things! We can be alone sometimes and around people other times, it’s a trait that’s exclusive to us.

6. We are the rarest personality type!

Extroverted introverts make up less than 1% of the population and that’s why nobody else understands us. It is an honor and a privilege to date such a rare type.

7. Everyone loves us because we’re so self and socially aware.

Honestly everybody I know wants to be my best friend. It’s because I’m so good at socializing but also I can be by myself sometimes (unlike extroverts). So if you introduce us to your friends, they will automatically like us because we’re just better than all the other regular extroverts or introverts.

8. We have the highest IQs.

The other day I heard my friend say that extroverted introverts have super high IQs and I realized that it must be true, because I am seriously the smartest person I know. That’s probably why it’s so hard to understand me and the other extroverted introverts. Because honestly it’s like we’re on a totally different wavelength, one that other people just don’t understand.

9. We can go either way socially.

We’ll go out on a date with you, or out to the club, OR we’ll spend a night in. We can do both! Not like an extrovert, who always has to go out, or an introvert who literally can’t leave their house (because if they leave their house it depletes them of all their energy, seriously, look it up, it’s science).

10. We are definitely your forever person.

We’re intellectuals, which means we’ve read all the articles about forever people and we know all of the signs that we are yours. Being a forever person is just a legitimate part of our identity (backed up by science) – just like being an extroverted introvert is.