10 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Date A Girl Who Loves Her Dog


1. She sees the world through softer eyes.

Things such as soft green grass and a cool summer breeze are more important to a girl who spends her free time wrestling with a 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog out in the yard.

2. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty.

She isn’t worried about her hair getting wet while walking her dog in the rain or her toes being cold while playing with her dog in the snow. She finds beauty in simple things like a walk in the park, a dip in a cool fresh creek, a perfect stick for playing fetch.

3. She knows how to read you.

She can tell what you’re feeling just by looking at you whether you like it or not. When you are happy, she beams. When you are upset, she doesn’t lick your face, but that nook in between your chest and your arm where she rests her head suddenly makes you forget why you were upset in the first place.

4. She is a great judge of character.

She’s learned a lot about reading people from her dog. She’s known your friend Chad was a douche since the second you told her you had a friend named Chad.

5. Her presence lights up a room.

Just the sound of her car pulling in the driveway gets her dog off the couch and running towards the door. It’s not until you hear the car door slam shut and her footsteps approaching the porch that you realize you’re just as anxious and excited to see her as the dog. If you had a tail, it would most certainly be wagging along side of her pups.

6. She’s an old soul.

She’s passionate about people, about animals, art, music, books, flowers, the planet, photographs, & freedom. All things simple. Her dog too. She’s so simple it’s complicating, if that makes sense, you’re not entirely sure. See, complicating.

7. It’s riveting to watch her at work.

Whether she’s reading a book in that patch of sunshine she loves so much in the kitchen, or in Spring while her hands are in the dirt, or when she’s burning cinnamon buns for you in the kitchen because she’s not a great cook but she tries for you, or when she’s running around the backyard with that huge dog of hers, you watch them from the window.

8. The sound of her voice calms you and gets you worked up at the same time.

The dog doesn’t wake up till she does. Neither do you. What’s the point? That tail starts running a mile a minute at the first word that comes out of her mouth. Just the way she says the dogs name makes the dogs day. Yours too. You find you and that dog feel exactly the same way about her.
You love the way she talks to the dog even when no one else is around. You know the dog understands every word. Something about the way they love each other makes you love them both even more.

9. She’s loving and loyal.

She is the most loving and loyal human being you have ever come to know. She’s had the same best friends since she was in 7th grade and you can’t even remember a time she came to you questioning her friendship with any of them. Her relationships with others are so pure. She puts everyone before herself. You, her family, her friends, that dog. You all count on her for so much. You don’t know how someone so tiny can possibly love so hard and so intensely.

10. Her positive outlook on life refreshes you.

She’s fun. You’ve been dating for years and she still flirts with you like she did at 22. She still looks like she did at 22. She hasn’t let the harshness of the world make her cold or bitter. She keeps it upbeat and interesting. She’s always looking for the silver lining, bringing out the best in people. You admire her poise, the way she forgives, the way she forgets, how gracefully she lets go of things that do not make her better.