10 Reasons Why Coyote Ugly Is The Movie You Forgot You Loved


What a year 2000 was. That was only, like, a couple years ago? Oh, that was almost 15 years ago? I am still stuck in it. I would like to remind you of a true gem from 2000, which is the movie, Coyote Ugly. It is about a small town Jersey girl, Violet, trying to make her way in the big city. She writes songs and is just like the rest of us. I still watch this regularly. The cast and story line is ridiculous, yet somehow make perfect harmony. If you have never seen it, bless your heart, watch it immediately. Let me know how quickly you buy the soundtrack. I hope the following convince you to have a deep affection for it just like I do. If our lives turn out anything like it, we will be beyond fortunate.

1. John Goodman is the definition of a, well, good man.

Good ol’ JG plays her widowed father. He is a simple man, but loves his daughter dearly. He works at the tollway and doesn’t know how to dress or cook for himself so he relies on her. They are the only family each other have. There are inevitable moments when he is disappointed with her. It is a coming-of-age story, after all. He comes around though and his enthusiasm for her to succeed bubbles over. He won’t let her quit because she is intimidated by the thought of failure. Damn, John Goodman is a father to all. The end of the movie may or may not end with him dancing on a bar in a shirt with cocktails on it.

2. Melanie Jayne Lynskey is the best friend we all want and need.

She is the sweetest. Seriously, a simply precious human being, really. She drives Violet to New York from New Jersey and drops her off at a hole in a wall. Even before she can accomplish anything, she tells Violet, “No matter what, I’m proud of you.” The thought of this makes me tear up. I’m sure she wanted to have her best friend stay in the same town and yet, she encourages her friend to chase her dreams even though she will miss her.

3. There’s a supportive boyfriend with (bonus!) an Australian accent.

He trades his rare comic book for Violet to have a slot at a club to play her own music! I think that is a big deal if you are into comic books. Right? He may work in a weird fish market, but it would be great, because I love seafood and it can get pricey. He could get a deal on it and bring me all sorts of fish. What every girl wants! His accent is adorable. I repeat he has an accent.

4. Baby Johnny Knoxville.

He is a tiny baby boy. If you blink during the infamous bar fight that proves Violet is a necessity to Coyote Ugly, you’ll miss it. The trickster is a tiny face in the crowd.

5. Tyra Banks dancing to Kid Rock.

Do I need to say more? Two people I can’t seem to stop loving finally come together.

6. The solid montage of Violet being okay in New York City.

I love montages with all of my heart. If a movie from the early 2000s doesn’t have a montage, is it even a movie worth watching? We need to see tears and laughter, running around, maybe some late nights and coffee spilling, and definitely some nodding to yourself that you’re on the right track.

7. The reminder of how terrible life is without cell phones.

How did we even survive? It was constant Three’s Company hi-jinxes. We are all probably addicted to them, but they come in handy, when you are stuck at work and can’t make your big gig.

8. A scary but inspiring boss.

Oh, Maria Bello, what a hero. We think she is an ass. Then we think she is a sweetheart. Then we think she is an ass. Then we see she is a sweetheart disguised as an ass. What a twist! She is a secret small town girl just like Violet and had to learn to adapt to the city. She is responsible for helping Violet toughen up.

9. Nobody knows how to drive at a toll stop.

It makes me feel much better when Violet pulls two separate very illegal u-turns. Do people carry loose change in their car? Am I supposed to have a pass and pull a ticket?

10. The message? Follow your dreams despite being scared shitless.

They will all come true in 3 months! Syke. It will probably take 30 years to get LeAnn Rimes to sing your song. However, you never know what could happen, so you might as well keep trying even if you are afraid. Let’s all eat pie, hang out on rooftops with our keyboards, and try our hardest.

featured image – Coyote Ugly