10 Reasons Why Being Single AF Is Actually Awesome AF


1. No limits.

When I’m Netflix binging; there is no one holding me back. No way will I be waiting for a guy every week before we can watch the next episode. Next ep now, please.

2. You can enjoy your own company.

If you hate to be alone, why would anyone else want to be around you? I have mastered spending time on my own and I honestly enjoy it. Reading a book, watching movies or even walks by myself, I like doing so alone and with others.

3. You don’t have to deal with his baggage.

Everyone has or will date someone who has friends/family you don’t get along with. Mummy’s boys, sisters who hate you, creepy brothers and scary dads. Some have arseholes for friends too. When you’re single, you can choose your company, your own family is crazy enough sometimes…

4. Whoever you want, whenever you want.

To put it politely, there are no strings attached. We’re all adults here… when you’re single, if you want to do some exploring then go for it. Why shouldn’t you? Everyone is looking for experience on the relationship CV. Slut shaming is so 2015.

5. Find your inner Taylor Swift.

You can wear lots of red lipstick! No smears here.

6. More time to see friends.

We have all been there. When you get into a relationship and want to spend all of your free time with them, you begin to forget about your friends; it’s not your fault! When you’re single you get the chance to make so many fun memories with your besties.

7. You can be selfish.

There is nothing wrong with being a little selfish at some point in your life. Spend your single time working on you! Write a new chapter for yourself in the process.

8. Your bed is YOUR bed.

I love to cuddle, I am a mini cuddle monster. But I also hate snorers, and I don’t like to be wrapped up in someone else’s sweat. If you’re one of those people who sleep talk and like your space, maybe singlehood is right for you.

9. No commitments

While most of your friends are stuck at deciding if their present relationship is going to end in marriage, you can simply worry about how to spend the evening. Netflix and pizza sounds fab to me.

10. You’re less likely to settle for less.

Some of us get to a point in singlehood when we begin to get a little desperate. We settle for anyone who gives us a second glance.

The one thing I’ve loved about being single for so long is the fact I have heightened my standards. Not in a shallow sense, I tend to joke about how I only want a dark haired man with brown eyes who’s 6ft tall and above. (Not totally unrealistic, I’m only 5ft 3 so everyone’s a little taller than me) But in the end it all comes down to personality and how that person makes you feel, and when I find it I know it’ll be worth the few years I waited.

Being single is not the end of the world, people! Enjoy it.