10 Reasons Why Being An Adult Is The Worst Thing EVER


1. Bills

Entry-level position + enormous bills = poverty. I may not be able to afford gas for the week but at least I have 500 square feet all to myself. Why would I ever want to leave?!

2. Societal expectations

Now that you’re an adult, you must have you’re entire life figured out, right? I mean, you’re 22, you’ve had plenty of time to pick a career path, decide where you’ll be living for the rest of your life and meet a life partner, right? If not you’re a complete slacker and only worth of pity.

3. Your body is decaying

Adulthood may mark the beginning of many new chapters, but it also marks the beginning of your physical decline. You’re no longer getting stronger and more attractive (…less awkward…) with each passing year, you’re getting weaker, fatter and older. Pass the retinol over here please, I think a crow decided to land on my eyeball.

4. Responsibilities

You mean if I don’t do something myself, it wont get done and no one will magically fix it for me? Oh.

5. The loss of spontaneity

Sure, you could choose to go out to the bar on a Tuesday night just cause you fee like it, but what does that entail? If you’re out past ten, you won’t be able to get your solid eight hours of sleep, and if you don’t get you’re full eight hours, then you wont be productive at work, and if you’re not productive at work, life is over.

6. Budgeting

Feel like eating out? Well your $17 bank statement feels otherwise. Ramen it is. Bring on the sodium (more body decay!).

7. Fake niceties

Lets just not and say we did. Besides, what’s so wrong with silence? I rather say nothing and not have to fake smile at your bullshit attempt to forge a human “connection.” If I have to comment on the weather one more time….

8. Competition

Everyone is competing for EVERYTHING. Best job, best partner, best house, best car, I give up. If you’re not competing, you’re a loser with nothing to show for yourself. K.

9. Being tired ALL THE TIME

I literally can’t remember the last time I didn’t want to nap. I think it was sometime in 2010. Sweet, sweet memories.

10. Accepting reality

Remember when being an adult seemed so far off? When drinking at noon was ok cause you were just a dumb kid and nothing really mattered? Well you’re not a kid anymore, things do matter and you can’t drink at noon. This is real and you are a grownup.

image – arthit