10 Little Reminders For My Ambitious Self


1. You are always in the spotlight. Many people are rooting for you to fail, so protect yourself at all times. Even the smallest details can be used against you.

2. Look around, you’ll never know when the snake bites. People may say good things in front of you, but pay attention to the eyes that possess the most poisonous venom. They attack the moment they get the chance.

3. Keep your feet on the ground. The more you add a feather to your wings, the more people pull you down. Take time to refine your approach to both success and failure. You must understand that people get jealous of your success and ecstatic of your failure. Don’t let them feel threatened. Work covertly.

4. Maintain a positive attitude. The world can be treacherous, but you have to make yourself your own stronghold. Make your home a haven. Choose people with high morals and do not lose them.

5. Always seek to learn. Take time to explore and discover new things. Do not stay in a place where you are already comfortable. Review your philosophy in life and embark on new adventures.

6. Embrace challenges and work smarter. You need challenges to thrust you toward personal and professional achievement. Be wise to determine if an opportunity or alliance you are about to partake is worth the effort. Choose things that add value to your means. Choose things that turn ripples into waves.

7. Choose interests and activities that boost your reputation and self-confidence. Chances come and go. Be attentive to the ones that improve your status in life and give you unique satisfaction. Go where the grass is greener and the sky bluer.

8. Balance your charm and wit. Your charm and sense of humor can be both a blessing and a curse. Be careful with what you share and to whom you share it with. Small talk can turn into a front-page headline.

9. Always owe a debt of gratitude. Whatever you may achieve in life, do not forget the people who helped you and believed in you when no else did. Learn to look back even though you tend to always look forward to the beautiful things that are yet to come.

10. Love and be loved. Your life is pointless if you don’t experience both. Seize every moment of them and treasure them. To love and be loved are, after all, the essence of life.