10 Lessons I Learned From Having A Baby


Having a baby changed my life. Cliche, isn’t it? I never thought of myself as a mother. Never. But life has a way of giving you the things you don’t think you need, until you get them, and then you realize they were exactly what you needed.

Here’s 10 lessons I learned from my little monkey:

1. Life is not all about you.

2. Life is not all about social media and being tuned into social media 24/7.

3. Your sex life will diminish (even though you said it wouldn’t). Make sure you have a lot of sex before the baby comes along!

4. You’ll feel like cracking, and right before you do your baby will do something totally cute and reunite with your sanity again.

5. Things will shift internally. You will not be the same person ever again… You’ll be a better person.

6. You’ll think all the other babies are not as cute as yours.

7. Wine will become a daily ritual.

8. As much as you’ve said you’d share parenting responsibilities with your partner, one person always ends up sacrificing more. It will be you.

9. Your mom and dad will want to reunite the relationship that they have with you. It’s really sweet, until it’s not.

10. Don’t dream of being the perfect house-wife with a baby. Your house, lets face it, will be trashed, like you are back in High School flatting again.