10 Lessons Beauty And The Beast Taught Me About Love That Other Fairytales Didn’t


The reason beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie is because as unrealistic as it may be, it actually is the most realistic one when it comes to portraying the meaning of true love. And also because my heart flutters when I see the beast being kind and vulnerable. We are naturally attracted to those who are dysfunctional in the emotions department. We want to help them. So, yes! The tale as old as time has taught me ten valuable lessons about love. Ones that I can relate to and live by in the real world.

1. It’s good to keep your priorities in check at all times to ensure that only the ones worthy of your time are given your time. Your caring and supporting father will always be the one to love you the most, love him with the same amount of love. Even if it means sacrificing your life in order to save his because your heart shatters when you see him in pain. Also, conceited boys are incapable of love. Keep them off your list of priorities if what you seek is a non-provincial life.

2. Anger and love don’t mix. If they don’t ask politely, never fine-dine or even eat a burger with them. If you want the love you deserve, you need to be brave enough to say no when you’re unhappy with the way you are being treated.

3. Putting in the effort to really know someone will eventually give you the greatest joy. Some people are worth the patience and the effort. So, even if they hide behind their shadows and insecurities, try to dig deeper to find out what’s on the inside. Only the ones who want an extraordinary kind of love will try to break through the rough surface to reveal the hidden soft side. And once it’s been revealed, it’s the sweetest kind of love there is.

4. Sincerity is the strongest form of love and it can be sensed right away. Usually, the most broken of us are the sincerest because they embrace their vulnerability and are not afraid to speak their mind, which makes them so loveable. So, even if you’re in love with a beast, if he’s sincere, he’s a handsome prince in your eyes.

5. Weirdness is what makes people special. Love means accepting each other’s weirdness because it makes what you have special. It also helps if you’re both weird in your own unique ways. You don’t have to be accepted by the rest of the world. You’ll always find one person who will take you, accept you, and love you – fully and endlessly.

6. Love means never keeping things unspoken. Call them out on their mistakes and fix them right away. Also, don’t forget to thank them when they do something nice like, save you from the hungry wolves. Or, something like that.

7. Words lose meaning when there are no actions to prove them. Therefore, the rule is: fewer words, more actions. I’ve always been a firm believer in the philosophy that love is a verb. If you love someone, it is more important to show it with your actions rather than your words because they speak louder and reach faster. Being a sweet talker would only last for so long. Showing your love with thoughtfulness will last a lifetime.

8. When you love someone, never stop learning about their interests and helping them grow in that direction or at least giving them the space to enjoy what they are interested in. If, on the other hand, you ridicule their passion and their persistence to live differently, you will never be able to appreciate them as the individuals they are. And that’s their cue to leave gracefully and never look back. Love requires appreciation as a main ingredient.

9. People will say anything to give their opinion on everything about other’s lives. But the truth is each person knows exactly what is right and what is wrong for him or her. They feel it in the pit of their stomach. They hear it in the back of their minds. Therefore, if you truly love someone, follow your instinct and disregard what others think. They may see him as a beast from far away, but they never dared to take a closer look. You did. So, only trust what you see and feel and be the guide of your own destiny.

10. This is the saying as old as time, but here goes…if you love someone, you must let them go at some point. Beauty and the Beast proved this to be right. Sometimes, because we have priorities, we need to be set free. But because there’s this thing called love, it doesn’t have to be a tragedy. You simply trust that they’ll be back to stand by you. And possibly, save you from yourself.