10 Invaluable Lessons I’ve Learned Halfway Through College


1. Learn to let go.

Sometimes you just have to let go. It is human tendency to hang onto things that mean a lot to you and that you cherish. But there are also times when you must let go. That empty feeling in your stomach when you are around those few people? Yes, let go of them. That sad feeling when your lover doesn’t try to match your moods? Consider letting go. I think the first step to letting go is to start thinking about it — if you accept that something in your life needs to be thrown out the window, it will be easier to let it go. Understand that letting go won’t not make you sad. If it meant a lot to you, you will be sad. But, there will ALWAYS be things to look forward to.

2. People will disappoint you.

People that you love, friends that you want to get to know better, strangers who seem interesting — they can all disappoint you. Sometime during your life in college, you WILL question yourself. When you learn that others disappoint you, reflect, think back, and instead of thinking about letting go of them first, really think about why you are so interested in preserving a relationship or a friendship.

3. You really do need to FIND happiness.

It won’t come to you. Happiness is something that seems so easy to find — in a laugh with your roommate or in a smile at a certain someone, in a smirk at a failed joke, or in the presence of nature. If reading on the grass makes you happy, go do it! Are you passionate about quidditch? Go join some team! If we seek happiness, we will find it in something that we do. But at times when you are sad, just remember that happiness won’t come knocking on your door (unless it’s your hot neighbor).

4. Seize every smile.

These are the times you’ll remember the most. A simple smile will change your mood. Some people may have resting bitch face, but even then you should seek every chance you get to smile. The memories I have of college so far were times when I was smiling, happy, and having fun. If you don’t take a chance to enjoy something you’re doing, chances are you won’t recall them later in life. Do yourself a favor; smile more and build memories.

5. Exercise. Regularly.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The days you exercise — I can almost guarantee — will be the days you feel most alive. If you are an athlete and exercise every day — well, good for you.

6. You will find your niche/place at college.

Keep trying and never give up until you are happy — even complacent. Your first time trying to find yourself in college may not work out. So keep trying and don’t give up. There will be a club or an organization in which you will find a certain passion blossom and it will make you happy. The purpose of the club is important, but also remember that the people in the club also shape you as a person. Finding your place among them is also essential to gain a more wholesome experience from the place you call your own at college.

7. You can’t please everyone.

No explanation is needed. This lesson you learn just from experiences.

8. Sleep becomes something you cherish.

Remember those times you slept almost the entire 8 or 9 hours a night in high school? Well, that will be rare in college. No matter what, there is ALWAYS something else to do. As such, sleep becomes valuable.

9. Don’t be afraid.

To try new things or to meet new people or to do something for the first time. Fear is our worst enemy and over-thinking will usually just make us more scared. It’s easy to say “don’t be afraid,” but looking back at your first two years in college, you will appreciate the fact that you took your chances. Plus, you will always have a better story to tell if you decide to face your fears.

10. Learn to be independent.

Take one step at a time. Plan, and manage your time well. Wake up for class on your own. Manage your budget on your time. Work and earn your own money. It can all seem either overwhelming or pointless, but the sooner you realize that learning this allows you to shape your life the way you want it, the sooner you will want to take the initiative.