10 Hilarious Requests On My Little Brother’s Christmas List


Throughout the years, my now 10-year-old brother has become famous in our family for his very detailed and creative Christmas lists. Despite the impracticality, every year he expects these things—and every year he is slightly disappointed when Santa doesn’t deliver. He’s even resorted to writing to Santa about what he would have done with the creative gifts he never received. Here are some of his most creative requests and the reasons why he should have gotten them:

1. A Fast-Forward Ray

I would have fast-forwarded to summer so it is summer all the time.

2. A Robot that Looks Like Me

It could go to school so I don’t have to.

3. Fake Eyes

I could put them on top of mine so it would look like I’m awake when I’m really sleeping.

4. An Automatic Bed Maker

Isn’t it obvious? (wrote the 7-year-old)

5. A Soccer Ball That Always Scores

I wouldn’t tell anyone I was using it and then I’d be the best one on the team.

6. A Stupid Detector

It would make people realize they’re about to say something stupid before they ever say it.

7. A Sister Alarm

It would warn me of when my sisters are coming into the room so I can hide and scare them.

8. An Undo Button

If you drop your ice cream, you can just press the button and you’d fix it.

9. A Homework Righter

My homework would always be right and I’d never have to redo it.

10. A Dog That Doesn’t Poop

I would still have a dog to play with but I wouldn’t have to clean up its poop.