10 Concrete Examples Of White Privilege


1. When you stay in a hotel, you can expect the complimentary shampoo to work with the texture of your hair.

2. At the store, your hair care products are in the “hair care” section and not in the “ethnic products” section.

3. Others do not wonder if you got the job because of affirmative action or because of your race.

4. You can endorse somebody of your race and others won’t assume you are endorsing him or her because you are the same race.

5. You can talk, dress and behave how you want without others assuming all people of your race are like that.

6. Your entire race will not be labeled “terrorists”.

7. You likely won’t be told “go back to your country”.

8. The band aid generally matches your skin tone.

9. It’s easy to find your hair care products in travel size bottles.

10. You never have to be conscious of your race.