10 Epic Taylor Swift Songs That Describe Your Life Even Better Than You Can


1. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Red-2014)

So this is pretty much the theme song to any break up that you go through where you just want to completely forget the person who broke your heart. There was one breakup I went through and this became my national anthem. I would blast it in the car and sing my heart out. To be honest, it really did make me feel better and help me get through that tough time.

2. “Sparks Fly” (Speak Now-2010)

This is the perfect song when you first start crushing on that new guy at work. Or you go on your first date with someone. Or you just start talking to someone new and it’s super exciting.

She says, ‘Cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile’. It’s the best feeling when you first meet someone and you feel that initial spark. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

3. “Picture To Burn” (Taylor Swift-2006)

Original TS for you! She couldn’t have said it any better: “You’re just another picture to burn”. For the guy who screwed you over, cheated on you, lied to you, made you go crazy, was a complete jerk, this song is for you. Blast this song and sing your heart out, I promise it will make feel a little bit better.

4. “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Red-2014)

I feel like a lot of people go through that “bad boy” phase and want someone that they know isn’t good for them. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”.

You’re trouble all right, and that makes me want you even more. It’s kind of thrilling going after the bad boy and going on that crazy adventure. Who doesn’t love the chase of going after the bad boy?

5. “Begin Again” (Red-2012)

So this is definitely one of my favorites. Everyone has had those moments where they feel like their world is collapsing and everything is going wrong. This song is a great reminder that you can change things and start over the way you want.

This song goes through what it’s like for a guy to not like who you are and not really understand you. “But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again”. That’s the moment that she met a new person and it gave her a new perspective on love. Though this is a love song, it really can relate to life in general. Even if it feels like everything is going wrong, you can begin again and start your story that you want want it to be. Don’t ever let someone make you believe that it’s too late to start over.

6. “Blank Space” (1989-2014)

For every guy that has called you crazy, this is the song for you. “But I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name”. I’m pretty sure that every girl can relate to this because we’ve all been called crazy before or judged by a guy for something we said or did.

TS is reminding you to embrace it and live your life for you. Who cares if someone calls you crazy, judges you for your past, you are you and you should never apologize for that.

7. “Forever & Always” (Fearless-2008)

We’ve all had that relationship that we think is going to be the “one”. We’ve had those broken promises and empty conversations. We’ve been stood up, we’ve waited at the phone for hours, we’ve blown off plans with friends to see you, and it all comes back to slap us in the face. You said forever and always” and you didn’t mean it.

And that hurts, really bad. Especially when you’re young, and maybe it’s one of your first relationships so you’re super gullible and believe everything the person says. The truth is, things change, people change, and what was said in the beginning of a relationship may change.

8. “Bad Blood” (1989-2014)

So what I really love about this song is that it can really be about anyone you have “bad blood” with. Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend, someone you used to be friends with, or maybe even a parent.

I think that pretty much everyone can relate to this song because we have all had a situation where we ended up really not liking someone. Sometimes you end up really angry and just want to bitch them out, but instead, you can blast this song in your car and sing your heart out.

9. “Clean” (1989-2014)

I really love this song and the meaning that it portrays. Everyone has something that may have been toxic in their life. Something that caused them pain or heartbreak. This is the song of letting go, when you are finally free from that. Maybe you’re in the process of letting go and moving on, this is the anthem for you. It’s way easier said than done, but this song does help the process of moving on.

10. “Enchanted” (Speak Now-2010)

We’ve all met that certain someone who leaves us with that special feeling and leaves us thinking that we were lucky to meet them. It makes you wonder, what was my life like before I met you?

Maybe you had just one special night with them and that’s all it took to form that connection. It doesn’t even have to be someone romantic, maybe it’s your best friend. Hopefully, you all have had someone you felt lucky and blessed to have in your life.