10 Epic Moments Of Third Eye Blind’s ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ Video That Will Make You Swoon


Third Eye Blind’s latest concept video for their single, “Get Me Out of Here” off of their June 16th album, Dopamine, is nothing short of a rock opera. From the mind of Stephan Jenkins comes a mini-horror-rock drama that will make you giggle, swoon, and bat an eye- wait, what did that just happen? Besides the fact that Jenkins himself is a looker, the video boasts some great scenes. If you like Rocky Horror and/or Queen, you’ll love this video. Here are the 10 best parts of this old-school, kickass trip of a video. I feel like singing along and yelling at the screen!

1. The captions.

The old-school, melodrama set up, complete with some expletives and a creepy feel. This extra touch gives the video that music-box eeriness.

2. The phenomenally brutal yet campy throat-slitting scene.

PLEASE observe SJ’s face. He’s like ‘come on, man. Ugh!’ His ghostly, ghastly muse slits her throat and thus sets the rest of our horror scene. Get him out of here!

3. Jenkins, singing to himself in the mirror.

We know this happens in real life, but Jenkins’ self-examination is not as solitary as he’d like. He looks so tortured. No wonder this guy has some acting creds (hello, Rockstar… yes with Mark Wahlberg).

4. The happy moments of SJ’s flashbacks.

They’re so tender and so beautifully edited (thanks to the brilliant Gavin Booth), it’ll make you shed a tear… unless you’re too shocked. It’s the happiness we all wish for our favorite rock god!

5. Tara Perry, the video’s muse, is goddess.

Her hotness itself makes the video worth watching. Look at that SMILE. Heart eyes. No wonder SJ is haunted by the likes of her!

6. Tara, sitting on the piano, cleaning under her nails with the knife.

Classic. And check out that tulle skirt! What a babe. SJ doesn’t seem to enjoy it though…

7. The kiss at the bonfire.

WAIT. Did this happen at the “Bonfire” video filming? Has this romance gone on all this time?? Maybe no, but a clever reference if you think on it. Again, some genuine emotion amidst the craziness of this dream sequence. We get why you’re so crazy, poor lovesick poet.

8. The video’s a “smashing great success…

Thank you, darling!” Best line.

9. The band’s keyboardist, Alex Kopp.

Trying to keep his cool while the undead-muse is getting a little fresh with him. What a stud!

10. SUP?

And lastly, this final moment between original band members Brad Hargreaves and Stephan Jenkins. They don’t need too many words. “Sup?” Oh, nothing… getting chased by my throat-slitting hallucination of an ex. Sup with you. This moment is perfect.