10 Definite Signs That You Have Found Your Sister Squad


1. They let you do you.

The women who love you best are not afraid to see you. They do not put on airs and they do not pretend. They will call you on your shit and listen to your rants. But they’ll never try to change or fix you. They accept you. They take you as you are… good hair, bad shoes, ugly tears and all.

2. They make time for you.

Even if they live in faraway places, they will always make time for you. Working the time zones maybe a challenge, but you’ll always figure it out – together. Time and space are non-existent in the sisterhood. When you need them, they’ll always be there.

3. They don’t judge you.

The women in your tribe don’t judge you and they do not entertain shame. Nothing is off limits and everything is welcome. You will never have to apologize for staying in the relationship that expired. And you’ll never have to hide your stretch marks. Your girls love you and all your funky bits, no matter what.

4. They’ll hold a tit for you.

They are not afraid to look inside a vagina or hold a tit. You’ve have seen one another naked, literally & metaphorically. You have the same parts and you speak the same language. They will look when you won’t. They will see what you can’t. Because that’s what sisters do.

5. They stay connected.

These are the women who can hear the tremor in your voice when you’re not quite right. The ones who know your strengths and love your weaknesses.  The gals who understand that you may not be great about calling, but you’re only a phone call away. They respect your space, but they keep in touch. In person, via telephone, or heart-to-heart, they always stay connected.

6. They keep secrets.

You have tales that you dare not tell, but they know. Sacred secrets never leave the circle. The things closest to your heart are always safe here.

7. They cheer you up and on.

You’ve got big dreams and your sisters get it. They are your cheerleaders and your road dawgs. When you’re on a high, they ride with you. And when you hit the skids, they have your back. If there are tears to be shed, they’ll cry with you. And when you cannot stand on your own, they will stand with you.

8. They feel you, for real.

The women in your tribe get you. The wisdom of the female body knows the importance of sisterhood, and that’s why your body will sync with your girlfriends. Your mooncycles are on the same flow. Your moods swing to and fro. They feel you.

9. They don’t just love you, they respect you.

Your tribe will love you until the end, but even more than that they respect you. They honor your boundaries and accept your limitations. Your authentic self thrives in their company, because you never have to pretend, not with them. They hold your best and worst parts in high esteem, because realness is the tie that binds.

10. They reflect you.

Your sisters mirror your bright and shiny parts. When you feel less than fabulous they remind you of your splendor. When challenges arise and you begin to question yourself, they keep you focused on what is real and true – you’re awesome sauce, and awesome sauce reigns supreme.

The bond between women is powerful. And a woman with a tribe of sisters who has her back is unstoppable. As they say, “sisters before misters,” because you know your girls got your back.