10 Common Boston Girl Problems


1. That awkward moment on the T when someone catches you staring at them because you were pretending to be a host on “Fashion Police” and judging their outfit. Oops. Whatever, your outfit is way better anyway.

2. Strutting across the treacherous brick and cobblestone sidewalks of Faneuil Hall in four inch heels like a boss. Until you fall on your face…

3. New England has two consistent seasons: Hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Neither season allows for too many good hair days.

4. Tom Brady. Most of us are obsessed. Deal with it.

5. Few things more disappointing than finding out a new/potential crush is a Yankees fan.  It’s probably a sign that it’s not going to work out. *Sigh*

6. Why are most Boston boys so short? Everywhere I go my 5’5” self is towering over 70% of guys.  It’s an epidemic. Someone should look into this…

7. Beware of college kids at bars. This one applies to single girls in their mid to late twenties who are not interested in dating a younger guy. When you find yourself in a conversation with a cute guy you must find out his age ASAP. Even if he seems/looks to be in his mid twenties.  Far too often do conversations go something like: “Oh that’s cool that you go to Northeastern. What are you getting your masters in?  Oh you’re a senior in undergrad? So you’re how old? Almost 22?  Ok byeeeeeee….”

8. Whenever you use the word “wicked” in front of Non-New Englanders, they give you this confused yet fascinated look. As if you just threw in a random Latin or fancy French term.

9. Don’t ever say women are bad drivers in front of a Boston girl (or any female- actually just don’t say it ever). Those of us who have cars will be more than happy to prove that we got skills. After getting a learners permit we learned how to drive on these narrow, pothole-infested streets. Going on to become masters of flying across them at 60mph with grace and precision. Oh and we can also parallel park like champs.

10. Boston girls are wicked smaht, passionate, straightforward, and are some of the most amazing girls in America. Some people just don’t get it. Sucks to be them. #bostongirlprobs.