10 Bridesmaids Dos And Don’ts To Help You Make It Through Wedding Season Alive


You’ve said yes to the honor of bridesmaid duties but now you’re unsure if those duties require you to get along with your sworn enemy, sit through countless hair and make-up trials and pay for the bride’s bridal shower. Here is all you need to know.


1. Slack on replying

The bride – AKA your good friend who has chosen you to be part of a special selection of women closest to her who she wishes to be by her side on the most important day of her life – will be trying to communicate with you to organise bridal and bridesmaid fittings, hair and make-up trials and a hen party. I know it may get annoying being bombarded with calls and texts which essentially revolve around ONE DAY but please do her the courtesy of replying. After all, you did say ‘yes’.

2. Not get along with the other bridesmaids

Whatever your relationship with the bride’s other chose maids, on the wedding and in the run up, let it go. How you and another bridesmaid feel about each other comes second to the bride’s happiness I’m afraid. If you’ve both said yes to being a part of her special day then have enough respect for her to get along.

3. Upload bride’s pics on social media

Cardinal ‘no.’ Do NOT upload any photos of the bride on her wedding day without her permission – this mainly applies to BEFORE the ceremony. She doesn’t want her groom and guests to see her on a smartphone before they see her walking down the aisle.

4. Complain

When you are waiting fifth in line to have your hair and make-up done on the big day, don’t think of complaining. Just suck it up, this is her day, not yours.

5. Be late – for anything

Being late is annoying at the best of times, for wedding related activity when you have made a commitment to being a bridesmaid and all the responsibilities that come with it, it’s a big no-no. Please respect the bride’s and other maids’ time by being on time.


6. Accept the Bride’s choice of dress color

Watermelon pink may not be your color but it IS the color the bride wants at HER wedding so please just go with it.

7. Speak up if the style of dress makes you uncomfortable

What you can ask for a compromise on is the style of dress if it makes you feel uncomfortable. If the bride is asking you to wear strapless and you don’t like exposing your shoulders it is okay to speak up.

8. Provide emotional support

It is inevitable that at some point the bride will need to lean on someone for support. Be that someone. If you are a bridesmaid then that means you are one of the people she loves and trusts most in her life, please reciprocate that love by allowing her to lean on you. Whether she needs to rant about her mother in law on a Sunday afternoon or needs to cry about seating arrangements at 10pm let her.

9. Help plan her hen night

This is one of your bridesmaid duties. She may have an idea of what she wants and needs your help to fill in the details or she may leave the whole thing to you, the important thing is that you oblige. Being a bridesmaid can be a little time consuming – bear this in mind when you say ‘yes’!

10. Be prepared to spend money

As well as time, money will also be spent. Bridal showers and possibly wedding day outfits. Please bear this in mind when saying ‘yes’. If money is an issue, have a quiet word with the bride, she’s your friend and wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. She picked you because she loves you for you, money issues can be compromised on.